Israeli Defence Force: For the Love of God!

As international journalists finally enter the refugee camp at Jenin, tales of unspeakable horror begin to permeate through the world’s media. This is not Palestinian propaganda, but stories from experienced and recognised journalists.

A Palestinian woman, allowed back into the camp after wandering around for three days and nights, clutches the burnt cadaver of what was her child. Wrapping his charred remains in a white cloth, she clasps him to her breast, rocking him and putting his arm around her. He was killed when an Israeli tank blasted its way through their home.

Tanks and bulldozers blazed brazen trails through houses, sparing no sympathy for the innocent civilians caught up in the gunfights between IDF forces and Palestinian terrorists. In Jenin, there is no doubt these terrorists lived there and operated from there. However, the IDF treated everyone in the same way, killing children, women and old men along with the terrorists.

The twisted iron and piles of rubble which was once Palestinian homes tells the tale. So do the reports of the sickly-sweet smell of rotting human flesh. When the houses were bulldozed, nobody asked who was inside. Many bodies were repeatedly run over by tanks and bulldozers.

“Israeli soldiers came into our houses, searched us and burnt everything”. The journalists back up these claims in their texts. Apache helicopter gunships, supplied by the USA, left their mark in Jenin, civilian homes being pock-marked with the tell-tale signs of heavy gunfire. Most men under 50 years of age are either dead or are being held in concentration camps in three villages around Jenin.

In Rommaneh, a group of 300 such detainees are being held. The journalists saw that their wrists had been cut by the plastic handcuffs forced onto them. They were tied up and made to lie down for hours, without food or water, the wounded without access to medical aid. Some were terrorists, the majority not. All were treated in the same way.

“The soldiers took away many of the bodies (before the Red Cross arrived)…All of them were civilians, there were no militiamen here. They didn’t warn us. They arrived, took everything and bulldozed the homes”.

The journalists were soon approached by the IDF and were told to leave. The Palestinians told them how to hide their materials, which would have been confiscated.

The first horrendous photographs begin to appear in the international press. They speak for themselves.


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