Oceans to rise one metre in 21st Century

A team of Chinese meteorologists has predicted that the level of the Oceans will rise almost one metre in the next century, a situation which will have catastrophic consequences for mankind.

The Chinese meteorological institute has produced a study which forecasts that the water level in the world’s oceans will rise by 88 cm. Over the next 100 years, causing 375,000,000,000 Euros of damage around the world. The study also predicts that the world’s surface temperature will rise by 5.8 degrees Celsius. The team presented alarming statistics, of a constant rise in ocean levels over the last 5 decades, aat an increasing rate, especially in the last few years, which show a rise of 2.6 mm./year.

This situation would be catastrophic for China, a country with 70% of its main cities built along the coast, housing half of its 1.3 bn. Population and 60% of its economic production. Elsewhere, whole countries would disappear, the Maldives being expected to be submerged in the next 30 years.

In Europe, the Portuguese territory would be ravaged, since 90% of the population lives along the coastline and the capital city, Lisbon, is built on the sea, as is the second city, Oporto.


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