America created a super power in the Middle East. America may leave

The role of the so-called sponsors of the Mideast settlement (the USA, Russia, the European Union, and others) has been brought to nothing as a result of Israel’s latest actions. Israel no longer succumbs to America’s pressure. Israel’s argument is simple: there were the events of September 11th in America, an such events are happening in Israel every day. Russia is not even trying to use its unique opportunity to exert influence on both parties of the conflict: good relations with the Arabs and a large number of the Russian-speaking population in Israel. We do not have to say anything about the UN here, as this organization is not offering anything to settle the problem with the exception for countless resolutions. The current Israeli offensive symbolizes the weakness of various kinds of mediators. If the Arabs and Jews do not reach consent with each other, there will be noone to help. Ariel Sharon does not seem to negotiate anymore. He decided to follow an old example: first you get into the battle, and then see what happens. The Israeli premier believes that he has reasons not to look back on “the world leaders.” America used to be a super power in the Middle East, and everybody used to listening to what it had to say. Now, as the military experts believe, it is all in the past. The real super power in the region is Israel.

Israel is capable of advancing 19 divisions against any enemy, in case of a large scale conflict. If the Americans suddenly wished to dispatch their troops in the region, then they could have a lot less to oppose. Moreover, it would take them weeks to conduct such an operation. Israel’s airforce(F-15 and F-16 pursuit planes) is capable of conducting 3000 sorties daily, vs. America’s ability in the region is 1600 sorties. Such military power allows the Israelis to feel confident, if not rowdy, not only in street battles with Palestinians, but in a possible clash with the armed forces its traditional enemies: Syria and Egypt.

The Americans are wondering how it became possible for Israel to turn into a military super power. The answer is simple: with the help of America, of course. The USA has been sponsoring Israel since the end of the 1970s, giving three million dollars each year to purchase arms. Some defense technology, as well as military technologies, were handed over to Israel for free, or at budget prices. Israel was constantly working on its weapons, which had been received from Americans, making them more and more perfect. The USA created huge ammunition depots in Israel, large fuel reserves, spare parts, and a very large stock of medicines. The agreements, pursuant to which those reserves were created, are secret. However, military experts believe that the Israelis have access to those huge stocks and they will use them in case of a large scale conflict.

Israel can use each aircraft 24 hours a day, changing pilots. The Americans cannot have such a large number of pilots on alert. This explains Israel’s supremacy when it comes to the number of sorties that Israel can make. The Israeli army possesses huge reserves: almost one million people can be recruited, men up to 48 years of age. The Israeli army can wage a war for the period of two years before it needs help from the outside, help in arms deliveries, first and foremost. However, Israelis seem to be sure that those two years will be enough for them. The Americans promised after the war of 1973 (with Syria and Egypt) that Israel would always have more weapons than its neighbors. The promise has been kept. After Egypt signed an amicable agreement with Israel, it started receiving weapons from the USA. However, Egypt’s share is only two-thirds of what Israel receives.

Experts believe that there is only a small part of the Israeli defense forces taking part in the current attack on Palestinians. Four-thousand Israeli tanks have not been used so far. In case of a war, when the difference between military men and civilians vanishes, Israel will be able to seize the entire West Bank within 36 hours. Israel will also feel confident if the neighboring countries risk to take the path of war with Israel. Maybe it is Israel’s confidence that makes it choose only the military opition of settling the conflict with Palestinians. America can do without anybody's support in the war against terrorism, and Israel can do without America. This is what the Jews are now showing. America has done its thing: it created a super power of the regional level, and America may leave.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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