Cheney warns Asad: Hold back Hizbollah

Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney, has presented an official warning to Syrian President, Hafez El-Asad to hold back Hizbollah. The Hizbollah has beed acting recently in the Israeli North, possibly trying to pull Israel into a new front, except the one with the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. Fearing that an Israeli strike back will pull the area into war, the Americans are no demanding that the Syrians hold back Hizbollah. Hizbollah operates in the south of Lebanon, and takes credit for the Israeli withdrawal from the area during the presidency of Ehud Barak. Israelis felt the withdrawal was an act required in order to make Hizbollah attacks illegitimate. The withdrawal had brought brief periods of silence from the region, however some feel it has handicapped Israel's ability to defend it's northern cities. Recently, the Hizbollah attacks on the northern cities have increased, and so has the Israeli death toll. Following American requests, Israel has witheld it's response. Now the Americans say: "no more". President Bush has recently called on to President Asad to decide on which side of the war on terror he wants to be. Regardless if you agree with their cause, the Americans have already proven one thing: it's not a good idea to be on the wrong side.

Gil Eyal Especially for PRAVDA.Ru Israel

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