Scientists sure of extraterrestrial intellect’s existence. So, where is it?

The idea to found “intellect brothers” in the space conquered human being, after space flights became possible. Since that time, almost every day some evidence appears of “extraterrestrial intellect’s existence.” Though, for the time being, none of them holds water. So, now most of people distrustfully consider any piece of information about extraterrestrial’ presence on the Earth. But the distrust does not mean that people do not want to believe in it. At the moment, astronomers have found about 150 stars with planets revolving around them. However, they are mostly as big as our Jupiter. While smaller planets could not be found with up-to-date astronomic devices. Though, two British astronomers Barry Johns and Nick Sleep, The Guardian reports, proposed a new way of discovering planets. Through using computer modulation, they created mathematical models of some remote planet systems and put planets identical to the Earth to these systems. The planets were placed in favourable temperature zones – at such a distance from the star, where the temperature is neither too high nor too low for the Earth’s dwellers. Computer allowed to find, in which of the systems the planets could not be situated because of monster planets’ gravitation. According to the British astronomers, the number of the discovered planets is really great. To the point, not long ago, in constellation of Ursa Major, a solar system was discovered, which is very similar to ours. The astronomers even managed to descry two planets, though they are too big to be peopled. But Barry Johns supposes this system must be necessarily investigated, “because there could be planets similar to the Earth, with life on them.” The question is, how to investigate this system, because it is at a distance of 51 light years. None of up-to-date space ships can overpass this distance. To reach this planet, it should fly for several hundreds of years. Unfortunately, the method proposed by the British scientists will hardly justify human hopes. Computer calculations done by the scientists could be confirmed or refuted only with high-precision instruments, like telescopes. Though, today’s level of technologies does not allow to create such powerful devices to investigate remote planets. So, we, probably, should wait one hundred years or two for discovering extraterrestrial life. Though, who knows, it could happen much earlier…

Oleg Artyukov PRAVDA.Ru

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Translated by Vera Solovieva

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