Egyptian Pyramid secret revealed

Egyptian Pyramids are rightly considered wonders of the world. The number of hypotheses about their origin is much more than the number of Pyramids themselves. However, despite many failures of explaining the origin of these wonders, the curious human mind won’t give up.

Recently, an Internet site published a new hypothesis about the predestination of the famous Egyptian Pyramids. It was reportedt that a 49-year-old constructor named Gerald Dupont believes that the Pyramids were built for water desalination. Mr.Dupont has been investigating the subject for six years; he says that the time of the Cheops Pyramid (the highest one) construction coincides with the biblical epoch of the Great Flood. Ancient Egyptians probably constructed the huge distiller at that very time, when they were short of fresh water.

Mr.Dupont has never been to Egypt himself, but he is an expert on the Pyramids, as he read lots of publications and even constructed a model of the Cheops Pyramid interior in a 10 to 60 proportion to the natural size pyramid. This man supposes that the underground room of the Pyramid was filled with water that was further boiled. The steam went up through the inner room of the Pyramid, which was of a construction convenient for the distillation process. Soon, Mr.Dupont plans to publish a book about his research. Sales of the book are expected to cover spending on the development of the hypothesis, which has exceeded $20,000 already. Some people may say the hypothesis is dull and prosaic. Probably they are right, as it is interesting to believe the Pyramids were constructed by extra-terrestrials. Dmitry Chirkin PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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