Saudi Arabia Funds Terrorism Sponsors. A Forked Tongue Promotes the Land-for Peace Deal

Islam is a religion of violence and bloodshed. It is a culture that sponsors bloodshed from within its holy books. Broad-based support for the daily bloodshed marginalizes any call for peace from the Arab Street. News wire reports this morning indicate that the Saudi Arabian government has paid out more than $30 million dollars, and has millions more, set aside in morbid trust funds for the support of the families of those committing suicide bombings in Israel. If I remember correctly, in President Bush’s now famous speech to a joint session of Congress and the American people on September twentieth, he stated that the United States would make no distinction between counties that sponsor terrorism and those that harbor terrorists. It is clear that the Saudis are sponsoring terrorism with actions like this. Their former enemy, Iraq, has done the same thing for years.

In our understanding, paying money to the families of those injured in the intifada against Israel amounts to more than just a wink and a nod to the Palestinian cause. A few days ago, the president slammed Iraq for the alleged payments to the families of suicide bombers. Will the President be as forceful with the Saudis on the issue? Doubtful. The shallowness of the Saudi Land-for-Peace proposal is now evident. The Saudis, like the rest of the Middle East, are interested in appeasing the gullible Western media while covertly plotting for the destruction of Israel.

After yesterday’s most recent terror attack on Israel civilians, there is no longer any doubt as to the intentions of the Palestinian nation. It is dominated by a cult of martyrdom that is intent on killing its way to the goal. The final prize is to push the Israeli nation off its sliver of land and into the sea. Yasser Arafat’s “irrelevance” is even more pronounced by the attack yesterday and by the ambush that killed thirteen soldiers. Yassir Arafat needs to be treated as if he were caught carrying a bomb on his person in crowded bus full of civilians. There should be no designation between signing orders for others to commit terror bombing and committing them yourself. Or at least that is the logic that one would have to apply after listening to President Bush’s speeches just after Sept 11th. It is our hope that Colin Powell does not meet with Mr. Arafat.

The ability of the United States to think freely and independently on the issue is marred by the fact that we import much of our energy from the region. We are hobbled by our reliance on oil from the desert kingdom of the Saudis. Saudi Arabia is a religious dictatorship not much different that that of the Taliban. Does that seem to bother the United States? Not really. Occasionally we make peep or a small squawk here or there about an issue, but really, our government is too concerned about keeping the peace with the Islamic fundamentalists. If the oil flow gets cut off, our lifestyle will be changed.

It is high time that the United States take a long look at the energy we receive from the very radicals that are so interested in our eventual downfall. It seems the Islamic nations would be interested in promoting peace in the region, as it is conducive to pumping more energy out and reaping the benefits, that is- more money in their pockets. It is an odd irony that these countries are overtly plotting (and funding) for our (and Israel’s) downfall. Without the money flowing in from the United States where would they be? Exactly where they are now. By this, I imply that the dictatorships and oppressive regimes of the Middle East are not great models of modernity and progress. They regularly oppress and imprison their own citizens, all for the slightest challenges to authoritative monarchies amid military oligarchies. The truth is that Middle East dictatorships, without our money, would change little- the vast majority of people live in squalor not much different than they were living in hundreds of years ago. The wealth is overwhelming controlled by a few families that are intent on preserving the purse strings and the scepter that goes along with it.

We are so tied to the terrorism that has invaded our own soil, that we must engage, rather than fight the destructive force. It is our own post-modern views on science, democracy, and religion that have hobbled us, in this, the most important era of our country. It is high time, that we pioneer technology that will enable us to gain energy independence. Speaking of authoritative monarchies, the radical greens have stymied all attempts at energy independence in the Unites States. While thousands of square miles of ice cover tens of millions of barrels of oil, obtuse liberal voices have turned drilling for oil in Alaska into a social issue, shrewdly manipulating an agenda-friendly liberal media for front and center attention. Put bluntly, environmentalism keeps money flowing into the pockets that wish to destroy Israel.

The United States needs to stand by Israel for one reason alone, as the sole democracy in the Middle East, it is a beacon of hope for its citizens, especially the lucky Palestinians that happen to be Israeli citizens. Aligning ourselves boldly with Israel will send a message to the terrorists, sprawling from Morocco to the Philippines, that is that we will be unaffected by your murders and that we condemn terror in all its forms. To the radical environmentalist bent on keeping America on it’s knees before the very powers that wish to destroy us, the Islamic radicals killing people around the world don’t care about the spotted owl or lichen covered slabs of ice in Alaska, if you stood up to them, they’d kill you too. The same liberal voices that are keeping America married to radical Islam, are keeping Israel bound in the court of public opinion. The world’s media has overwhelmingly chosen to attack Israel in a way that is perhaps more dangerous that the repeated suicide bombings threatening their citizenry. Labeling Israel as the aggressor in the war only shows that the entire world is scared of the Islamic radical voice. It is time, that the United States, by standing firmly with Israel, show those that wish to maim and destroy that the games are over, or better yet, that they are about to begin.

Stephen A. McDonald Bigtreenews

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