A Muslim was buried on the Christian graveyard

A Muslim guy was buried on the Christian graveyard for the first time in history. Twenty-three-ear-old Haled Abu Siam was buried near the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, on the small Christian graveyard, where no one had been buried for long.

As RIA Novosti informed, a collaborator of the Palestinian security service was killed on April 8 as a result of the skirmish. Since the Israelis forbid to take out dead bodies and wounded people, it was decided to bury the Muslim guy on the Christian graveyard in the churchyard.

Well, maybe it is not what the Christian or Muslim canons say, but it is a fact. This fact is not incidental, it is maybe even symbolic to a certain extent. The people of different religions, Christianity and Islam, are uniting in front of the destructive policy of Tel Aviv, the religious contradictions and discrepancies are going into the background. The Christian and Muslim spiritual leaders in the Middle East say that the Christians and Muslims of the Middle East are united with the patriotic spirit. The real life proves that these words are true, even if it happens in a strange and unexpected way.

The armed Palestinians, about 200 people, took shelter in the Church of the Nativity in order to defend themselves from the persecution of the Israeli troops. The Israeli military men were shooting the Church even from the roof of the House of Pilgrims, which belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church (300 meters far from the Church of the Nativity).

The Patriarch of Moscow and All-Russia Alexy II said in his address to the feuding parties: “Due to its history and geographic position, the Holy Land is the place, where the people of various ethnic origin and religion had to co-exist: Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Therefore, the will of only one national or religious group cannot be celebrated on this holy land. The Holy Land should become a hospitable house for everyone. The Christian, Muslim, Jewish sanctuaries must be preserved there, respecting the legal rights of every resident of that land, every pilgrim, who wishes to visit the holy places. Today the Holy Land is desecrated with hostility, so much blood is being shed there.”

Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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