Kighiz doctor’s recipe to fight with drug addiction

Famous Kirghiz doctor Jenishbek Nazaraliev, who created a principally new system of drug addicts’ cure, occupies himself now with philosophy. He tries to build a spiritual base for his theory of fight against the most dreadful disease of 21st century. According to him, the first step in this fight is creation of Intellect without Drug world league. Nazaraliev supposes, the campaign must be wide-ranging. For example, the league’s headquarters must be situated in Lausanna, Switzerland, while among its founders, there must be, besides Nazaraliev himself, Losanne police chief and Kalmyk President Kirsan Ilumzhinov. At first sight, the idea looks venturesome. Though it always has been typical for Nazaraliev to aspire to some extraordinary things. And he usually wins a victory. When many years ago he started to build his medical centre for drug addicts, many people also considered him to be a dreamer and adventurer. Though the centre was built, and Nazaraliev made the sceptics change their mind. Now, his methods of anti-drug cure are being used in dozens of countries. While the Bishkek centre cured already thousands of people. It should be noticed, that most of Nazaraliev’s patients became free-will propagandists of his unique cure system, of the doctor himself and of his centre. As for the new philosophy, it was created during the doctor’s numerous travels. It sounds impossible, though within recent years, Nazaraliev visited all continents of the Earth, including Antarctica. He met with leaders of African tribes, with buddhistic monks of Tibet. He cured Australian aboriginal, talked to political leaders of America and Europe. The result of the travels is the book wrote by him Relieve and Forgive, published already in many countries. The travels and many-year practice convinced doctor Nazaraliev of drag addiction being not only medical, but also spiritual issue of the planet. For the time being, the civilization is loosing the fight against it. The main reason is that the people still do not realize the roots and the scope of this danger. Nazaraliev regards his medical centre as a passed stage. It functions stably, dozens of his disciples work for it, while the doctor’s methods, legally or illegally, are being used in many countries. Though, almost nobody studies spiritual part of the disease. Therefore, Jenishbek intends to be the first in this sphere either. The idea of spiritual cure of drug addiction was supported by the Kirghiz President, academician Askar Akaev, who understands very well the role of science and philosophy. He promised to engage prominent politicians of France, Switzerland and South-East Asia, great scientists in creation of the league. The first measure of Kirghiz section of the league, march of youth against drug should be, which will be carried out in Bishkek. It will be finished near to Besh-Kungei mountain, not far from Nazaraliev’s clinic. The mountain will be called Liberation Mountain, and eternal fire will be set there, in memory of people who did not managed to overcome the disease. The eternal fire should also be an edification to everybody who still considers drug addiction to be an easy illness like influenza.

Yury Razgulaev PRAVDA.Ru Bishkek Kirghizia

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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