Mario Soares: Europe was humiliated by Sharon

Ex-President of Portugal, one of the fathers of the Portuguese Revolution in 1974, when the fascist regime of Marcelo Caetano was overthrown and the African colonies were given their independence, Mario Soares speaks out against the oppressive regime in Tel Aviv.

In a press conference given in Strasbourg, where he is a Member of the European Parliament, he declared on Tuesday that “Fortunately, there is a declaration by Shimon Peres speaking of the massacres and saying that the Israelis have committed massacres”.

Mario Soares holds those responsible not the Labour Party in the Knesset, but “the more reactionary conservatives in Israel. I have the greatest respect for Shimon Peres, for all his past, but I also do not understand why he remains in the government”.

Mario Soares, former President of International Socialist, said that this movement no longer holds much sway over world politics, hence its inability to produce any positive results in the Middle East.

Asked whether he considers the EU was humiliated by Sharon, he declared: “Of course it was because to send the current President of the Union, the Foreign Minister of Spain, accompanied by the highest external policy of the Union, Javier Solana, and they were not received by Sharon and were not even allowed to visit Arafat, is a sign that Arafat is being held as a prisoner. Especially since they had allowed General Zinni to meet Arafat some hours before”.

Mario Soares’ declarations are made public as the UNO, the Russian Federation, the European Union and the USA all make a joint statement telling Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories. Ariel Sharon started this Intifada with his arrogance. Now he has managed to isolate Israel diplomatically.


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