PRAVDA.Ru interviews Hizbollah

Today, PRAVDA.Ru interviewed Hizbollah, a Lebanese-based organization dedicated to ending Israeli occupation of Arab land.

It seems that Israel is ready to start a military operation against your organization. What will your actions be?

For 22 years of occupation of South Lebanon, Israel had been faced with tough resistance that finally forced it out of Lebanon, even though Israel left a strip of our land under occupation after its humiliating withdrawal; it is still can’t escape the nightmare of Lebanon, which turned the lives of the occupying forces into hell. Their defeat in South Lebanon was a turning point in the map of the Arab-Israeli conflict: it is the first victory that will be followed by other victories until our land is returned. That great victory in Lebanon has fed the agressors the taste of loss , humiliation, and defeat, which Israel has no desire to taste again.

What is your vision of the future development of the events?

We are very optimistic of our future, and, as we witnessed an Israeli defeat in South Lebanon, we will indeed witness another defeat in the remaining occupied land in Lebanon and in Palestine. Israel has flouted and ignored all the UN and Security Council Resolutions that demand an immediate and unconditional withdrawal from the occupied land. However, the only language that Israel seems to understand is acts on the ground against its occupation.

If the conflict widens, do you feel that the USA will cease from supporting Israel?

America has always been biased in favor of Israel, and we believe that, without the American support, Israel couldn’t continue with its massacres.

Questions by Dmitry Litvinovich

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