Tourists to see underwater cities at the bottom of Issyk-Kul lake

Recently, Issyk-Kul region was visited by representatives of South-African financial circles. The delegation became interested in prospects of building tourist objects in Kirghiz resort zone, which could attract people from rich countries of the West. In particular, the question was about building of golf fields, tennis courts, mountain-skier and mountaineer bases of year-round use. Nature created good conditions for realization of these plans. Mountain blue lake, almost 300 sunny days a year, soft climate. Near to the lake’s coast, white peaks of Tien Shan could be seen, covered with eternal ices. Between the lake and the peaks, there are alpine meadows. Only visiting them could replenish you with energy and elongate your life. In every jurt, a cup of mountain koumiss expect you, which is infused with curative herbs. The visitors were so amazed wit it, so already at their first meeting with the region’s governor they offered him 100-million-dollar investment in the region’s development, while in prospect, they promised to increase this sum up to 1 million. Sceptics, however, could remember that earlier, investors with such hopeful projects have already appeared here. Great projects were discussed, very promising protocols were signed. Though, for all these years, the resort place has been developing only from local funds. Yes, it is so. Though, it should not be forgotten, that this is only the childhood of Kirghiz independence. The country has to study many things afresh, including cooperation with foreign businessmen. While recent years were not in vain for the local authorities. In particular, they understood that even the most favourable nature conditions could bring no benefit without advertising. So, first years of the century were declared the period of promoting the local projects in the world market. Therefore, the South-African businessmen were not by chance here. The reason of their business trip were Kirghiz TV films devoted to unique nature of the region. One of the films was shot near to Inylchek glacier. Every year, at a height of almost 5,000 metres, a lake appears here as a result of ice thawing. On the surface of the lake, real icebergs float. By the end of summer, the ice dam thaws, so the lake flows down, to the valley. While next year, everything will be repeated. The businessmen understood that there would be enough tourist to see this phenomenon. While ruins of ancient cities at Issyk-Kul lake’s bottom are also attracting for them. Some sensations’ fans try to prove, that that are ruins of ancient Athlantida. Though, if even they are not right, is it not interesting to see under-water cities? Apropos, US TV corporations are also engaged in the advertising campaign for drawing tourists to Kirghizia. According to them, in a time, Kirghizia could became even more attracting from tourism view, than Nepal. While some Kirghiz already start to compare their country with Switzerland. Yury Razgulaev PRAVDA.Ru Bishkek Kirghizia

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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