UFOs shuttering peace and quiet

On Saturday night, hundreds of citizens of Austria and Germany (mostly of Bavaria and Baden-Wuertnemberg) were deprived of their deserved rest. Some unidentified flying objects disturbed them, which looked like fire balls. As with any unexplained phenomenon, the fire balls caused the panic of the peaceful buergers. Austrian citizens even called the police and gendarmerie, asking them to take measures against the “sky disorders.” The police many times arrived to the spot, though there were no tracks of the UFO attack on Earth.

Experts are having difficulty determining what it could have been. According to them, Austrian and German citizens could have watched falling fragments of Pegas US carrier rocket, all the more so, because, earlier, NASA notified in advance about the possible fall of the rocket (who knows why, but the story of the Mir spacestation comes to mind), which was to take place about April 7.

However, some scientists suppose this could have been “meteorite rain,” which is a rather common sight. At the Bavarian Center of Space Research, it was said that the phenomenon was “similar to a rocket’s track, as if something was burning in atmosphere. However, versions about an UFO or some unknown satellite’s explosion soon fall away. The version of “meteorite rain” is the most probable.”

In general, German and Austrian citizens had something to be afraid of this Sunday. However, it should be noted that the first week of April was rich for space themes. On April 3-4, reports appeared about an UFO approaching to the Earth, which later turned out to be a meteorite. According to scientists, the meteorite will collide with the Earth in 800 years, or, probably, it will not.

Stories about UFOs and meteorites threatening the annihilation of life in our planet are actively covered by all mass media, while this is understandable. Such stories divert the public’s attention from actual issues of the world. At least, not only Palestine and Israel should be covered by the press, though, as for UFO, the mass media should know when to stop. Such reports could became as usual as others and stop drawing the public’s attention. Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

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Translated by Vera Solovieva

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