Third truth of architect Chenorbroda

Latest events in the zone of Palestine-Israel conflict deprive even optimists of the last hope. Palestinians and Jews seem to never agree with each others and have reached the line after which only endless war can be. Though, there are facts witnessing that Jews and Arabs can live in peace. According to information, about 2,000 demonstrators, among them Jews and Arabs living in Israel, tried to force their way to Ramallah. They wanted to supply food and medicine to the deposited city. The police, to disperse the demonstrators, used tear gas and butts. In the anti-war movement, Jewish organizations Gush Shalom, Taaiush, Doctors for Human Rights, Brother Shalom and organizations of Israeli Arabs participate. The demonstrators tried to sent 20 lorries with food and medicine to Ramallah, granted by charitable organizations and private persons. Peace-makers from Israel intend to continue their actions of protest. One of the organizers Coalition for Peace will be, which includes also some political parties. The coalition spread an appeal, saying in particular that Israeli government “only imperils our life, but does not guarantee security to us.” According to Mignews, the coalition also blamed Palestinian terrorists’ activities, annihilating all possibilities of peaceful coexistence of the two nations. As fates willed, in the terrorist acts often people die who support peace with Arabs. Christian Science Monitor newspaper told about Israeli architect Dov Chernobroda. He and 13 other Israelis died in Sunday explosion in a Haifa restaurant Matza. Not only Jews, but Arabs too came to bid farewell to him. This person dreamed of Jews living once in peace with Palestinians. But he did not only dreamed. He projected a stadium in the biggest Arab city of Israel, Um-al-Fakhme, he helped the administration of the culture centre on peaceful coexistence of Jews and Arabs. He tried to ruin a taboo, while drawing up lists of candidates in municipal election in Haifa, containing both Zionists and representatives of Arab organizations. For several years, Chernobroda advised on a small Arab community in Haifa. One of Chernobroda’s suns said crying about his father’s naivety: “ "How could they kill you, especially you who tried for a Palestinian state even more than the Palestinians themselves?” His second sun, Yoav called his father a “torch of hope” who showed people that there was “one way, to believe in the worth of humans even in this difficult hour." Terez Azzam, an Arab architect who worked with Chernobroda, said that this person had had “his own politics, which was to live side by side, to have a state for Palestinians, and to live in peace and to struggle for this everywhere. His death is very difficult for every one of us." Each of the conflict’s parts insists of it being right. Probably, they really will never agree with each other, if they do not understand that there is certain third truth. That one which architect Chernobroda possessed.

Sergei Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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