State Duma on the edge of class struggle

The parliamentary coup is expected to enter its final stage this afternoon. The so-called multi-unit agreement,” which is going to be reconsidered by the centrist factions of the Duma, was based on the fact that the number of the parliamentary positions distributed between the factions should be proportional to their value. This has been considered fair up until now, without any question of whether, or in which way, it was fair, such as in class or historic terms, ect.

It goes without saying that, all these years, chairmen of the State Duma have been elected from the largest faction of the parliament, and his first deputy was elected from the second largest faction. Each faction had its own vice-speaker, which didn't depend on the size of the faction. However, the principle of the multi-unit agreement did not envisage a situation when small factions of the Duma unite in order to defeat one giant. This is the point for the clarification of fairness to come into the picture. This fairness becomes of historic character, supposedly taking account of the pre-revolutionary Duma, when Bolshevik deputies were condemned to penal servitude during their speeches. The notion of class fairness should not be ignored either, since all the centrist factions are united on the principle of class, not ideology, command, or something else.

It can hardly occur to someone that the SPS faction (Union of Right Forces), which is three times smaller than the Communist Party, can claim a bigger number of committees in comparison with communists. It is especially strange that the liberals will now lead the committee for labor and social policy; there is the adequate ministry in the government with liberal Alexander Pochinok at its head. If they should appoint Yegor Gaidar as the head of the trade unions, the problem of protecting workers’ rights will be “solved” very quickly: forever. Therefore, one shouldn't be shocked to see a lot of police officers in front of the Duma's building in order to protect “the elected representatives of the people” from the people!

There will be no live broadcast on television today. Even Valentina Matviyenko’s (vice premier of the Russian government) speech will be shown as a video record, not a live program, for the reason that communists might use that possibility. This all looks like a coup, although street shooting is not expected, as was the case in 1993, at least now. The communists and agrarians have already stated that they will refuse all the positions in the Duma if the multi-unit agreement is reconsidered. This seems to be the first step down the road, so we do have a chance of seeing a new left?.

Anatoly Baranov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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