“NATO policy intensifies instability in the world”

Little was published about a forum of the Balkan anti-NATO center “Three years after bombing: Balkan war continues. NATO and USA policies.” Communist and leftist parties and movements from Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Turkey and Yugoslavia gathered for the congress in Thessaloniki. Milosevic’s socialist party of Serbia sent a salutatory address to the forum participants.

It is said in a press-release of the Greek Communist Party, main objective of the congress was “to coordinate Balkan’s anti-NATO forces against the policy directed to democratic rights and freedoms reduction under the guise of anti-terrorism struggle.”

Leader of the Greek Communist Party Aleka Papariga pointed out in her interview, that objectives of the US-led anti-terror operation had been defined long before the Sept.11 tragedy. The attacks became just the reason for the USA to establish a new world order to satisfy its personal interests. Papariga denies the statements of influential foreign politicians interpreting the Sept.11 attacks as “a response of the poor and oppressed people” to the unbearable life conditions and exploitation by the leading world powers. She says, the politicians try to slander the fighting national movements and peoples in order to further apply “response legal” repressive measures against them. The leader of the Greek Communist Party says, “the struggle for national independence is not connected with the terrorism views and practice.”

US’s foreign policy is making now for intensification of the tension in the world. An aggression being launched against the countries of a so-called “axis of evil” – North Korea, Iraq and Iran, intensification of the political and military opposition between Russia and China may entail lamentable consequences for the whole of the world. That was also mentioned at the congress in Thessaloniki. Unfortunately, the European Union is not a counterbalance to the USA, even despite the fact that it is growing stronger. EU’s policy today makes for expansion of American political and economic influence in the world and promotes interests of the large European capital.

Anti-American spirits prevail in Greece now. Frequent mass protests of local authorities and the youth result in cancellation of official visits of US envoys and ambassadors.

Forum participants said they were at one with the Palestinian people in the struggle against Israel’s occupation policy and urged to create an independent Palestinian state with the capital in Eastern Jerusalem. The situation in the Balkans is still extremely explosive.

NATO presence in the Balkans brought no peace, stability and territorial integrity of the countries of the region. The Republic of Yugoslavia will soon stop to exist. Macedonia is about to be divided: Kosovo’s Albanians want to create and expand “an independent republic of Kosovo” at the expense of Macedonian and Serbian territories. Activity of armed criminal groups continues until now. Forum participants called upon Greece and Turkey to withdraw from NATO.

As it is said in the concluding report of the Balkan Anti-NATO center, “the mankind is experiencing a critical period of its life now. After the Sept.11 tragedy the people of the world understood the threat of US and NATO total dictatorship. The European Union adopts the US general policy and demands for its own share in the world domination. Despite all discrepancies, they share the same strategy. We appeal to the Balkan people and leadership, the people of the world for resistance to the US campaign directed against the “axis of evil”, for denunciation of the US nuclear doctrine directed against powers holding no nuclear weapons, and denounce the war in Afghanistan with thousands of innocent victims.”

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

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Translated by Maria Gousseva

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