3rd Anniversary of NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia

On 24th of March, exactly three years ago, just before 8 PM, citizens of Novi Sad and Belgrade were terrified by the horrible sounds of sirens, announcing the first of the many days of fear and uncertainty that followed. The NATO bombing had started.

Robertson said he was proud of the bombing, declaring that it was the international community's only way to stop Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's repression of Kosovo's ethnic Albanian majority. But, it hadn't stopped the escalation of fighting and bloodshed in Kosovo region, and later Macedonia. On the contrary, it was the trigger, the initiation capsule for new rise of guerrilla war. KLA (UЗK) felt they were empowered by the international community to continue their struggle for "liberating the oppressed Albanians in the region," but as the time went by it became clear that this war, both on Yugoslav and Macedonian territory, was not about human rights violations as much as it was about conquest - more land for those who believed in the forming of Great Albania in the Balkans.

NATO accomplished its goal - International Community's protectorate in Kosovo. Peacekeeping was the job they were supposed to do down south, but the actual situation became even worse. KLA and later NLA (active inside Macedonia) continued their terrorist attacks and killings of non-Albanian inhabitants. Even though [various] UЗK [versions] had been added to the Official List of International Terrorist Groups, UN forces in South Serbia and North Macedonia hadn't shown the will and strength to control those guerrilla formations, regardless the fact they had been given the mandate to do so.

The bombing as extremely uncivilized act could not be justified in any way. It was the final part of Milosevic's regime and wake-up call for lethargic Yugoslav citizens to make some changes in their lives, as they did on the 5th October 2000. That was undoubtedly positive consequence of the NATO actions in Yugoslavia. However, bad effects were numerous and still going strong. New world order is trying to implement itself on every single territory and civilized or uncivilized actions like the '99 bombing are and will be taken. So much for justice, peace and democracy in the world.

According to Valedin Sergeyev, representative of Russian mediator Victor Chernomyrdin, NATO bombing of Yugoslavia killed around 3,000 people, among them 642 soldiers, and injured 5,000 persons.

In addition, it destroyed about 50 industrial plants, 18 electricity production plants, 6 airports and 18 churches, while 2 million people lost their jobs because of the war.

NATO conducted a total of 12,000 attacks and used about 10,000 bombs and 3,000 missiles against Yugoslavia.

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