American army equals Russian army

Anti-terrorist operation in Afghanistan is dragging on and on. It seems that the American army is getting into the same situation, in which the Russian army finds itself in Chechnya. The active resistance of the enemy has been broken, but the military actions have not stopped, with all the consequences coming out, for civilians first and foremost.

Suppressing the activity of the guerrillas, the Americans use the same tactics, as the Russian soldiers do in Chechnya, arranging raids, detaining all, who raise suspicion, checking their connection with terrorist groups. The so-called scouring procedures in Chechnya have become the talk of the town in the West. The law-enforcement bodies, the public figures, journalists and politicians are fond of talking about the Russians’ barbarism, about jeering at “poor Chechens.” The US State Department was playing an important role in this respect, they did not think about those “poor Chechens” cutting the heads of the Western specialists off. But in this case we are talking about Afghanistan, not Chechnya.

The American soldiers nabbed over 30 Afghan people during one of the latest raids, keeping them in prison for four days. After the Afghans were released, they hurried to tell journalists that they had been insulted and beaten in prison. The Afghan people said that they were not showing any resistance, when they were being detained. Otherwise, the American soldiers could open fire, killing the civilians.

A spokesman for the American military department said that the American soldiers had to use force, when they were detaining the people, since the Afghans were trying to defend themselves. A spokesman said that there had not been any confirmation received to prove that violence was used against any of them.

The Russian military men in Chechnya come out with the same arguments. The difference is that one is used to brushing aside the arguments of the Russians, and listen to the ones of the Americans. But can anyone explain the difference between a beaten Afghan and a beaten Chechen? The military men risk their lives both in Afghanistan and Chechnya, they are constantly under the stress. One can not either condemn or approve their behavior in a bar, having a beer or two. If you really want to realize what is going on, you have to go to any of the hotspots and see everything with your own eyes. And then you will have the experience, which will allow you to dwell on terrorists’ attacks. And if someone will still be standing for the rights of the civilians after that, then it will mean that this someone is really concerned about them, that it is not another subject for earning a capital, whether it is a political, professional or any other one.

So, there is nothing surprising about the behavior of the American soldiers. Everything that has happened to the Afghans was meant to happen sooner or later. No one is insured from making mistakes, the price of which is a human life sometimes.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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