PACE’s reporter on Chechnya speaks for the idea of the tribunal for Chechnya

There can not be any of the so-called international tribunal for Chechnya, similar to the Tribunal in the Hague. This is a pointless idea of no prospects. This was the comment from assistant president Sergey Yastrzhembsky regarding Lord Judd’s statement (PACE’s reporter on Chechnya). “Judd has the inadequate estimation of reality towards Russia, or he is not formulating his ideas in an explicit way,” – assistant president said.

In any case, Moscow is supposed to disappoint Lord and everyone, who he speaks for someone, there are no doubts that Lord definitely speaks for someone as far as this idea is concerned. Vladimir Kalamanov - the envoy of the Russian president for observing human rights and liberties in Chechnya, accused Judd of the political game and advised him “to be more modest.”

Lord Judd claimed in his interview to Ekho Moskvy radio station that one had to legally persecute those, who were guilty of violating the human rights. Judd did not say anything new, giving reasons for his initiative. The point of the problem is in the absence of the political dialogue with former Chechen president Maskhadov, in the huge number of complaints from the population of the Chechen republic concerning the actions of the federal forces, so on and so forth.

Judd did not say anything about the latest notorious Chechen meeting, which guerrillas organized and paid for, about the issue of the international terrorism in Chechnya. Some time after Vladimir Kalamanov exposed the statistics regarding the reaction to the complaints from the Chechen population: about two thousand complaints were received during two days and all of them had been considered: 1500 – by the military and civil prosecuting bodies, and the rest – locally.

As a matter of fact, Judd was not the first, who spoke out for the idea of a tribunal for Chechnya. Carla Del Ponte has recently had a meeting with the Chechen emissary Ahmed Zakayev, which also provoked a harsh reaction from Moscow. Maskhadov’s messenger was actively promoting that idea, while Carla Del Ponte was smiling and nodding, expressing her understanding and sympathy in the common international matter of the fight for human rights. “But neither Lord Judd, nor Carla Del Ponte will be allowed to frighten Moscow with the consequences of the anti-terrorist fight in Chechnya.” – Sergey Yastrzhembsky said.

Indeed, Russia is not former Yugoslavia, at least for its position and influence in the world. The idea of the tribunal for Chechnya is surely crazy, but the never-ending speculation on the issue of the Chechen conflict and Russia’ role in it, can not but exert the negative influence on the prestige and image of our country.

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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