American Vice Admiral believes that globalization is the main reason of terror attacks

Making a speech at the Senate, the chief of the intelligence service of the American defense ministry, Vice Admiral Thomas R. Wilson announced that the era, which started after the cold war, was over on September 11, 2001. This date is the start of the new era. Its roots, as the intelligence officers from the defense ministry believe, come from the struggle against globalization. The terrorist attack on America is a part of this struggle. Globalization is capable of moving the people all over the world very quickly, as well as money, ideas, technologies. The extremists like Al-Qaida members sensed danger in that, the vice admiral thinks.

They connect globalization with the American values, that is why it is often equated with the process of “forceful americanization” of the whole world. There are all reasons to believe so: it is America that invents the globalization, runs it and gains profit from it. The terrorists, as the vice admiral claimed, accused the USA of everything bad in this world, looking for their allies in the countries, groups an people, who did not sympathize with the American supremacy. Wilson also said that the terrorists were successfully using the fruits of the globalization, against which that they were fighting. They use the flows of people, money, and technologies in order to attack “the open societies.”

The head of the military intelligence said that the results of the globalization were not supposed to be good for everyone all the time. The extremist groups used that, recruiting their followers among those, who suffered from it. Wilson urged to promote the positive aspects of globalization, trying to reduce its negative impact. It is not known, if Americans are going to succeed in this respect, or if they want to deal with this at all. However, Wilson’s speech showed that the USA had finally started realizing that America’s enemies were not coming down from the Moon – America was making its enemies itself.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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