Force against Iraq and Palestine is of no use

Arab League secretary Amr Moussa called on the USA to adopt the Saudi Mideast peace plan and confirmed the Arab nations’ opinion that an attack against Iraq would spoil the situation in the region. Moussa, in the interview to Corriere della Sera, an Italian newspaper, said he believed “the Arab summit in Beirut would create a distinct suggestion."

The Arab League also touched upon the Palestine-Israeli conflict and said that Ariel Sharon would not be able to improve the situation independently, as his policy of force had turned out to be a failure.

Amr Moussa believes that “if a Palestinian state with its capital in Eastern Jerusalem is created, and the refugee problem is discussed, the remaining problems will be easily settled as well.” Yasser Arafat’s participation is essential for the talks.

Jordan King Abdullah II warned the Bush’s administration that an offensive against Iraq might become “an Armageddon in the Middle East." In Abdullah’s opinion, even a well-planned operation with a successful start may soon become uncontrollable. In an interview to the Los Angeles Times he said: “The region can hardly cope with an offensive or a civil war.” Moreover, such a regional conflict might reach Europe and America.

The majority of the Arab leaders share the same opinion about Iraq and Tel-Aviv’s policy: they agree that all problems must be settled peacefully. Religious leaders of the Mideast Christians and Muslims plan to join “for protection of the Arab nation and Muslims” from Israel’s aggressive policy and the West's indulging of Israel.

As a result of the increasing violence between the Israeli army and the Palestinians, the number of Jews striving for citizenship in Israel has reached a record low in 2002, acording Islam.Ru with a reference to the Arabicnews agency. At the same time, the number of Jews wishing to leave Israel is increasing. (Hundreds of Israelis have appealed to the Czech Embassy in Tel-Aviv for Czech citizenship). Over 10,000 of Argentinean and French Jews have recalled their applications for residence in Israel.

The BBC reports that the streets in Israeli towns are often deserted and restaurants and cafes are suffering losses, as fear has completely gripped the country.

Such is the effect of Israeli prime minister’s policy. Rednews reports that “the phenomenon of Palestine suicide bombers has nothing to do with terrorism. It is the utmost form of the protest against unbearable conditions and national humiliation. The self-sacrifice process is just starting in the Palestinian society. Once begun, it will hardly stop and will be ever increasing. Israel’s wish to oppress the process with force is like extinguishing fire with petrol. This also means a large-scale war, which will hardly be a success for Israel.”

At the same time, the USA will hardly win the anti-Saddam war if large-scale bombings start in Iraq. Saddam Hussein, despite the active west-oriented opposition in Iraq, enjoys great popularity among the population, and an offensive against Hussein’s regime will turn into an anti-Iraq war.

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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