London draws up its own “black list”: Washington approves

The mass propaganda offensive against Iraq continues. Washington and London are becoming more and more belligerent. The majority of British are against any participation of the UK army in an offensive against Iraq, but Tony Blair’s government seems to have already made a contrary decision. The prime minister is actively trying to prove the rightfulness of such a decision to the population.

British Defense Minister Jeoffrey Hoon spoke in the House of Commons and told the parliament that the threat of weapons of mass destruction was probable from such rebel countries as Iran, Iraq, Libya, and North Korea. The defense minister thinks that the nuclear weapons of Great Britain are not sufficient to protect the country. Of course, Iraq has been mentioned as the key threat to world security. Jeoffrey Hoon warned the leadership of the rebel countries, and Saddam Hussein first of all, that Great Britain would use nuclear weapons if necessary.

At the same time, the Labourites were surprised to hear that England's nuclear arsenal was not sufficient, especially against the background of the recent talks about greater decreases in nuclear weapons. Today, it turns out, the Defense Ministry has given up the idea of cuts and, moreover, even plans to increase Britain's number of nuclear weapons. Indeed, Saddam Hussein, with his out-of-date SKUD missiles (and it has not been proved he has any left), poses a great threat to Great Britain!

Hoon’s statements do not seem to be very surprising, as London is actively keeping up with its trans-Atlantic ally. The situation is such that Blair’s government is ready to support an arms race. Do other states not have the right to compile their own lists of pariah countries for further offensives directed against them? We all know that if Iraq or Libya draw up such lists, this will be treated as aggressive intentions. However, why isn't it aggression when such plans are voiced by Washington and London?

In fact, Washington and London are trying to provoke Saddam Hussein. We realize perfectly well that will be not the USA or Britain that suffers from any Iraqi aggression, but their Mideast allies. Do the ends justify the means?

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

In the photo from archives: British Defense Minister Jeoffrey Hoon

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