Made in China: Bad…Made in Taiwan: Good

In the past year or so, I have seen hundred of articles on China coming from every angle imaginable. I have heard the same rhetoric, but something needs to be said about Taiwan. Taiwan is a small country, free and democratic, that lives in the pressing grip of China. Taiwan needs to be commended for the courage to live and go on with daily life under constant threat from China.

Am I the only one missing the junk here? Two days ago an article in the Washington Post mentioned that the trade deficit with China jumped 24% from the month of December to January. The trade imbalance is pushing seven billion dollars. A separate article in the Chinese controlled news source,, reports that the Chinese are jumping up and down over the fact that Taiwan wants to be admitted to the World Health Organization, something not allowed by the UN Charter because, the Chinese say, Taiwan is not a sovereign state. While the usefulness, ethics, and the mission of the WHO are dubious at best, Taiwan would be an excellent addition to the World Health Organization. Another voice of democracy to counter the great wall? Excellent news to me.

Last time I checked, Taiwan sure looked like a sovereign state. It looks pretty free and open, too. Taiwan lives in the overbearing shadow of a red giant that is constantly intimidating them at the world’s political and financial table. Taiwan will go down in history as having the courage to stand up to China under a constant banner of immediate annihilation. It seems that China sees its iron grip and oppression over its own people as marginalized by the small, free state just off its coast, offering hope to those who live there. We wonder how many citizens in the “people’s republic” wish they were living in Taiwan. More than you think.

While the United States rolls out the red carpet for the cheap Chinese goods that flood our markets, most of these are produced in intolerable conditions as China uses forced labor and most heinously, rampant slave labor in their factories. Taiwan is the model of democratic and economic prosperity. I never purchase a product without at least looking where it was manufactured. I attempt to purchase goods not manufactured in China- admittedly difficult these days. When I come across a product that says “Made in Taiwan”, I am most happy to purchase it. Purchasing a product manufactured in Taiwan is a vote for freedom.

China rattles a saber over Taiwan almost daily, yet we import every little widget possible from the communist giant. It is high time that China and their hot-headedness get dropped like a hot rock, let’s give Taiwan most favored nation trading status. We so often hear the words and read the policies citing how engagement is the best way to draw China into the free world. Forget China. Let’s encourage and engage the freedom fostered by a small country living in the Red Shadow, Taiwan.

Stephen A. McDonald Bigtreenews.Com

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