George Bush has a new favorite word!

US President George W. Bush no uses his new favorite word: “stunning." He uses the word to describe absolutely everything: to the US army, First Lady Laura Bush, the states of Texas and Alaska, and baseball, which is said to be “a stunning sport." Thus, the word is extremely popular with the US president.

It does not seem to be so bad that the US president uses the word so frequently. Although, we remember the moments when the president misused some words, for example, he had called the Greeks “Grecians” during his pre-election campaign, and he mixed up the words devaluation and deflation during the visit to Japan (this almost caused the collapse of Japanese financial market). These are just slight details only.

Let's draw our attention to one more important thing. It was the New York Times, a newspaper sympathizing with the democrats, that first published an article about Bush’s new favorite word. Elections to the US Congress are to take place in America in November, and a pre-election struggle has been already launched. Different parties chose their own pre-election propaganda: the republican president imposes protectionism duties on steel, and the democrats observe Bush’s misusage of words.

In fact, the USA is a really happy country, as it can afford a president who mixes up words or uses some of them rather frequently. However, this does not seem to be George W.Bush’s main problem. The sphere he is really talented in is the selection of aides and heads of different departments. Secretary of State Colin Powell should be mentioned here.

If you hear US President George W.Bush mix up words, take it easy. There will be someone in the US administration that will put the things right.

Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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