Where is the Islamic Tolerance?

The attack on yet another Christian church was a sad development in the war on terror. As “moderate” Muslims rolled six grenades down an isle in a church packed with worshippers in the diplomatic enclave of the Karachi, the message is clear. Pakistan’s President, General Pervez Musharraf, does not have control of the radicals in his own tent.

The entire problem was created after Islam’s attack on the world on the eleventh of September. Most took counsel from the politically correct crowd as they repeatedly pronounced Islam as a “religion of tolerance”. Nothing could be further from the truth. In every major speech President Bush has made since September 11th, Mr. Bush has assimilated the radical religion into the global mainstream. Islam had no international voice before the attacks. Now scholars define the western heritage as not the Judeo-Christian tradition, but as the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition. What? Where’d that come from?

Islam was given a soapbox on which to stand only days after the attacks at the World Trade Center. It looks to us like they have taken a good swing at the ball and used their new-found prominence to justify their “mainline” views to the world. The position of prominence given to Islam around the airwaves, in print, and in cyberspace has done nothing to tone down the radical views possessed by their members, rather it has done just the opposite, empowering a whole new voice of radicals under the guise of educating the world in the virtues of Islam and the intolerance of Christianity and Judaism. Never mind those “moderate” views hacking off limbs for minor civil infractions or stoning women for adultery. No where in the Bible is the command to kill those not willing to convert to your faith.

Although Islam has 1.6 Billion believers, it was widely held by the global elite that it was an oppressive and intolerant third world religion that mistreated women and restricted basic freedoms. After the audacious displays of cowardice on Sept 11, the religion gained international recognition as the Media, Inc., Government, and Academia jumped up in its defense. The attack last October in a Christian church, also in Pakistan, showed the blazing intolerance of Islam. Sunday’s attack on mostly international worshippers shows that the hate possessed by the religion is difficult to bridle.

The message was clear about the power struggle behind the attacks. Christians around the planet are being imprisoned, tortured and killed because of their faith. Islam imprisons, tortures, and kills for their faith. It is a powerful message about who has the power. Islam is convicted by the strength that comes with the silent and peaceful voice of Christianity. Islam must kill and oppress those that do not see eye to eye with their views. I’ll never forget a conversation I had with a physician from Saudi Arabia. In our short conversation, which took place only a week before the attacks on Sept 11th, he said that it was Islam’s goal to “eradicate” all those who do not believe Mohammad is the cumulating prophet of God. It seems that the attackers who threw grenades down the isle of a Christian Church shared his views. I keep asking myself, “where is the tolerance?” “Where are the ‘moderates’?”

Stephen A. McDonald Bigtreenews.com

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