The Balkan Taliban thirsts for power

Question: Mr. Volkov, Albania elected its president on March 6 – Albanian national Ibrahim Rugova. Rugova said during the pre-election campaign that he would strive for total separation from Yugoslavia. Rugova was the first Albanian politician who exposed his own strategy on Kosovo. Do you think that Kosovo as an independent state is the reality of the coming future?

Answer: There is a little town of Kruja in Albania – a small town, but it is very valuable for Albanians. Georg Kastrioti was born there in the 15th century, and he is known by his janissary name as Skanderberg. As a child, he was taken to the janissaries, and he became a Muslim. Then, Skanderberg broke with Porta, the Turkish government, and he waged guerrilla warfare against the Turkish sultan. He is the national hero of Albania.

At the beginning of the 1990s, I had a chance to visit Kruja. A talented architect built a conventionalized European-Balkan castle on the place where there used to be Skanderberg’s estate. There is a big throne room in the castle. I entered this room and I saw three thrones. I was surprised, so I asked the guide why there were three thrones, since monarchy implied only one person. The guide answered that it was a symbol. The central throne symbolized Albania, and the throne to the right symbolized the Albanian lands in the north, in Kosovo, and in Macedonia. The throne to the left symbolized the lands in the south. I was astonished to hear that, so I asked who was going to give this all to Albania. The guide answered: “Well, history will show.” History is showing it now. Unfortunately, the current events reveal that Kosovo is obtaining its independence, and this is the interim plan for the creation of greater Albania.

Q: But one has to agree that Kosovo will be able to gain this independence only if Washington and NATO's leading countries run a certain policy. However, as it is known, the West is trying to make Albanians understand that it is too early for them to think about independence. The head of the UN mission will veto all anti-constitutional decisions of the Kosovo parliament.

A: However, it is the USA that established the terrorist Albanian group in the Balkans! There is a half-secret, non-advertised organization in America, which incorporates retired intelligence and special services officers: it is called Special Professional Resourses Incorporated. The members of this organization set up three camps on the territory of north Albania in 1996. They became rather active after the events of the spring of 1997, when the government stopped its existence together with the army and the special services, when there was political chaos. Then, the camps started working publicly. American and German specialists were training the guerrillas, and there were cash flows organized to back up that organization. The PR campaign was funded by George Soros. The well-trained Albanians appeared on the territory of Kosovo at the end of November of 1997, and you know what happened.

The Albanian terrorists are often called “the Balkan Taliban," but the Albanian terrorists are an American creation, in contrast to the Taliban, which was formed with the help of the Pakistani intelligence, American money, and weapons, and with the help of a very powerful financial replenishment from Saudi Arabia.

The current policy of the United States in the Balkans is like a test to find out if the American intentions in the anti-terrorist campaign and in the anti-terrorist coalition are true or not. It is not possible to fight terrorism in one place and encourage terrorism in another place. Separatism and terrorism are very closely connected in the current world, especially in the Balkans. Peace missions, which are often used by Americans, turn out to be in support of the terrorist and separatist force. I was once listened to the speech from one of the well-known French, pro-American scientist of politics, who said this: “Of course, we must cooperate with Russia tactically, but we will keep our own viewpoints strategically.” This intelligent boorishness means: ok, we will use your services, folks, but we will not take your interests into our consideration, and we will preserve the practice of double standards in our approache to different issues. So this is the way it happens: they support the ones they want to, but if this support is not beneficial, then they will stand against them.

Q: Mr. Volkov, this will be a trivial question, but, anyhow, what are the major goals of the USA’s policy in the Balkans?

A: Their goals in the Balkans are clear: having split the large countries, they will set up their protectorates on the territoris of the new, smaller countries. The first one was created in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where there are the peacemaking troops. Such a protectorate was then established in Kosovo: about 50 thousand NATO soldiers settled on the territory of this region. What is the need in Kosovo? It is situated in the center of the Balkan Peninsula. It is a very bad territory for building a modern airbase, ect. The Balkans are a unique place on the planet from the point of view of geopolitics. It is the juncture of three continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa. One can control Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East from the territory of this region.

Q: Yes, the Americans can experiment with another campaign without any fear. It is not ruled out, though, that the “Albanian factor” will spin out of Washington’s control one day, like it has already happened with the Afghan Taliban. However, the Balkans are not Afghanistan, and the “United Europe ” does not want, or can not oppose something to the constant destabilization in the region.

A: The current events show that there is an aggressive Muslim state being formed in the Balkans, in the center of Europe. We all know what the outcome might be. Islam is turning into a state ideology, as the top officials accept the dogmas of the militant Muslim radicals and the country is turning into a paradise for terrorism and drug commerce. This will be a state with a population of six or seven million, similar to Bulgaria. Europe changing in color: there are over four million Arabs living in France now, not to mention the black people, and there are a lot of people from India and East Asia in London now. Look at what is going on!

Vladimir Volkov was interviewed by Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

On the photo: Icon of Christ, which was desecrated by Albanian extremists in Kosovo

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