Where is the answer to all the injustice and troubles in this world?

"There is no answer to all the troubles and grief in the world. The material well-being is predominant over the spiritual well-being in human life. Sensitiveness and love to one another would not be a complete answer to all the sufferings that the people go through, but at least it would be an answer. Time has changed, the hostility is prevailing.

I was born in Belgrade. My father was a lawyer, both of my grandfathers were involved in commerce, my grand-grandfather, who was born in 1854, was a teacher. And what was next? I recollect the World War II and the horrible hunger. We were starving, but we did not kill, at the least those people, who I knew, they did not kill, and there were a lot them: my close and distant relatives, the neighbors and friends. I was not realizing that I was poor, because everyone around me was in the same position like me. We did not have radio, or television for comparing our lives with someone else’s. I looked for the wealth in the natural beauty: in heavy rainfalls, in pure mountain springs, in green gardens and parks, in sunny days. My mother’s life was very tough. She had to do everything for us from nothing, until we had the advantage of youth and freedom.

Winter was my greatest enemy, for we did not have warm shoes, my feet were frozen, it was very cold in the rooms, and so on and so forth. Maybe this horror took me to America, and not only this horror.

You are going somewhere to the world’s end, where nobody cares about you, who you are, what you are, and what you do. And then you have to face this horrible question yourself: WHO AM I? And then you think: what is it? Don’t all these people mean anything? All those people, who were raising and feeding you?

We, the compatriots, do not have the connection of blood with each other, we are all in ourselves, all alone. That is why the West has such a great predominance over other nations of this world. I do not know, if I am saying this properly – the difference between the West and the East, but I am trying to explain this to the people the way I can.

As long as there is a huge gap between the poor and the rich – there will be no peace on this planet. But when you realize that everything is all about you, your mode of life, if you do not get even with yourself in a burst of your own despair, you will defeat the entire evil of this world.

I used to cry a lot, feeling sorry for myself, but this time is behind me. I can write about the injustice that has happened to me over the past 40 years in another letter.

Please write to me, the Slavonic souls! I will try to explain, how I see the point of the opposition between the East and the West, what separates these two worlds. I love you all,

Yours sincerely, Mirjana from overseas.”

Mirjana Spasojevic Tinkovic USA

The letter was translated from Serbian by Sergey Stefanov

Translated into English by Dmitry Sudakov

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