Bin Laden no longer has computer specialist

The Western mass media outlets published information last weekend according to wich Abu Anas al-Liby was arrested in Sudan. This man was on the list of the 22 most dangerous terrorists in the world. The Jordanian news agency Al-Bavaba informed that the terrorist is in a secret jail in Hartum. There are negotiations being conducted currently between Sudan’s and America about delivering him to the USA.

The White House published a list of the 22 most dangerous terrorists of the world last October. Abu Anas was listed as number ten. He is accused of bombing the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, killing 224 people in total. The US State Department offered five million dollars as a reward for information about Anas Al-Liby’s location or activity.

Al-Liby’s life is rather mysterious, which is in contrast to his accomplices. The special services do not even know his birthdate. It is only known that he was born in 1964 in Tripoli (Libya). There is no information at all about his childhood and youth.

According to the data of the special services, Anas has been involved in Al-Qaida for ten years already. His first meeting with Osama bin Laden took place in Sudan in 1992. Abu Anas’s high level of technological knowledge allowed him to become a computer expert in Osama’s organization. He played the main role in planning the bombing of embassies in Nairobi in Dar es Salaam. Once, Abu Anas lived in Manchester, but he then fled Britain after an order for his arrest was issued by the USA.

As mentioned above, Al-Liby was involved in the acts of terrorism in Kenya and Tanzania. His name was mentioned by Jamal Ahmed al-Fadl (when he was testifying), the person who was Osama bin Laden’s attendant during 1986-1996. This material was published by the New York Times.

Al-Fadl was in charge of the financial department and was considered to be “the third person” in the organization. He was, however, not a very good employee, as he stole 110 thousand dollars and escaped.

Al-Fadl was a witness in Manhattan’s federal court, and he described the inner structure of Bin Laden's terrorist empire in detail. Bin Laden was the head of this empire, and then there was the board that was called Shura’s Council, which was a committee of the top aides that discussed the vital, urgent issues regarding the whole group. The organization had several committees: a financial committee, which was in charge of enterprises; an Islamic research committee, which was a religious law-making board; a military committee, which was responsible for the military training and arms deals; and also a mass media committee, which published the daily Nashrat al-Akbar newspaper. There was also a committee for travelling, which “issued” passports for those who needed to travel somewhere.

Al-Qaida had its experts too. The witness said there was Abu Anas al-Liby, a computer specialist, and also Abu Halid al-Masry, a specialist for repairing tanks. It became known from the testimony of Al-Qaida’s chief accountant that the organization was running very broad activities all over the world. If Abu Anas’s arrest is confirmed, then he is the first terrorist arrested from the mentioned list.

Dmitry Chirkin PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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