Administration of Ulyanovsk region left without heating

Ulyanovskenergo stock company has declared starting the company for limitation of energy supply. For the first time, among the “victims” of energy suppliers there is the building of the Communist Party’s former regional committee. At the moment, this building belongs to Ulyanovsk region’s administration. Moreover, the city Health Office, House of the Press printing office, Motherland of Lenin forest reserve, regional drama theatre, Sovetskaya hotel. The “heat stroke” was delivered on several dwelling houses in the city centre. Though, this is only a start. In country districts of the region, limitation in energy supply by the hour were recommenced again. In some housing and communal services, several blocks will be left without heat. Ulyanovskenergo stock company explained that all the objects which will be cut off have reserve sources of energy. While the “objects” state there are not such “fairy” sources, if there were such sources, nobody would use Ulyanovskenergo’s service. After recent visit of Prime-Minister Mikhail Kasyanov to Ulyanovsk, many people in the region hoped that troubles with heat and electric power would be settled. No, nothing of the kind. Energy suppliers declare stopping the moratorium on limitation of heat and electric power supply. They say that local authorities have not fulfilled their promise to pay for energy consumption, which were pronounced during Mikhail Kasyanov’s visit to Ulyanovsk. In February, organizations financed from the regional and city budget paid only 25 percent of their debts. Ulyanovskenergo’s leadership said that it does not intend to be responsible for energy supply to the region, if local authorities refuse to be responsible for it. The question is not only about the debts. Many plants consider Ulyanovskenergo’s prices of energy to be too high, while Ulyanovskenergo only supplies energy to the consumers. The director general of Ulyanovsk Motorcar Works, Eduard Shpakovsky declared that the works intended to buy energy from its producers, in wholesale market, not using Ulyanovskenergo’s service. While saved money will be used for increasing salaries. Sergei Nikolaev PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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