Guantanamo zoo in need of new cages

The prisoners Camp X-ray are still on their hunger strike. A Canadian journalist who has been to the base managed to record the screams of one of the prisoners who went on a hunger strike. The prisoner was indignant about the fact that none of the supervisors of the base listened to him over two weeks of starvation. He claimed that he and his companions did not have any rights at all and that the human rights do not exist for them.

This Cuban prison camp is going to grow soon. Two thousand new cages will soon be built in the Guantanamo base to keep the prisoners in. Brigadier General Michael Lehnert, who is in charge of the American prison camp in Cuba, announced on Sunday that the order for the delivery of the new material for the cages had been already sent to the American Congress. Sure, operation Anaconda was supposed to justify the expectations of Washington. The USA spent too much of its energy and money to prove to the whole world that it still controls the situation in Afghanistan.

The American and Afghan soldiers have been taking part in bloody battles since March 1st, trying to oust gunmen from the positions that they hold. Eight American soldiers were killed in those battles: America's biggest losses since the beginning of the war in Afghanistan. Three soldiers from the Afghan elements were also killed too. The American representatives say that there have been hundreds of Taliban and al-Qaida guerrillas destroyed.

This time, the Pentagon decided to do without any brave reports and declared that the gunmen had been ousted from their positions near the city of Gardez in the east of Afghanistan. Apparently, the military analysts took account of the previous experience of the military actions in Tora Bora, when a lot of Taliban and al-Qaida militants managed to get out of the encirclement. One of the Afghan commanders who took part in that operation said that he did not know, if the Operation Anaconda had been completed or not, so there is the possibility that the gunmen may take new positions and start it all over again.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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