Slap in the face from a best friend: Great Britain insulted by US

In Great Britain, the tide of indignation continues, which was caused by the White House’s recent decision to place import duties on steel, of course! For such a long time, Great Britain has not received such a slap in the face from its closest friend and ally, the US. A rather fine example of US gratitude for everything the previous prime ministers of Great Britain did, a fine example of external friendship! It is always a pity to be disappointed with hopes and believes, especially if the blow is dealt by a "friend." Tony Blair expressed himself negatively regarding the 30-percent increase of import duties on British steel imposed by the US. While appearing on national television, Mr. Blair stressed that, in his opinion, these new duties were against the economical interests of Great Britain and of the whole of Europe and they at once ricocheted back on US consumers, who, in the end, will pay this duty, because the price of production price will be increased.

While trying to calm the world community, the US president said that this was a temporary measure aimed at supporting national producers in a period of reorganization and reforms in US steel production. The press department of the British prime minister spread a report in which there is a deep regret about the US administration’s activities is stressed, especially after Tony Blair’s personal call to George Bush not to introduce the new duty. The prime minister’s administration sent several letters on the subject and carried out several telephone conversations.

And what are results?

The US clearly showed the whole that it is the only superpower and it is has right to do what others may not, even its allies and partners. The US simply spits upon its allies’ interests. The American cowboy gallops, seeing neither barriers nor further complications.

In this story, Great Britain feels morally worse than others, because without it, the US hardly could take its latest steps to advance in Europe. Great Britain is a kind of bridge between America and Europe. The European Commission has already warned the US about its decision and hinted that the EU would be forced to take adequate measures towards all US goods supplied to Europe.

Svetlana Tarasova PRAVDA.Ru London

BBC News photograph Translated by Vera Solovieva

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