The European Union: Paradise lost

Extreme pessimism has been registered among the populations of EU countries regarding the issues of public security and delinquency as up to 34% of young people declare they have taken drugs.

Insecurity and delinquency are the main worries of the populations of the five largest EU countries: Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, France and Spain, according to a poll conducted by AFP-IPSOS, which reveals that 52% of the population is extremely worried about being the victim of attack, up 4% on the last poll in November.

After insecurity and delinquency, third on the list is the fear of unemployment (48%), up one percentage point.

Regarding public security and delinquency, 75% of Germans consider the situation “worse and worse”, up from 66% in November, a preoccupation echoed by 51% of Italians (equal to November), 48% of French citizens (45%), 46% of the British population (38%) and 39% of the Spanish (34% in November).

Globally, 55% of the population of these countries considers the situation as “deteriorating constantly”, against 36% who think the situation is improving.

Western Europe, the bastion of happiness, is finally not what it was cracked up to be. Unable to walk out of the home for fear of being mugged, desperate at work wondering if the house has been burgled, job security is nil and to buy a house is a drama.

Some Utopia!


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