US special troops already in Yemen. It is going get hot there

US special forces have landed in Yemen. The second stage of the anti-terror operation mentioned by President George W.Bush yesterday has already started. The USA outwitted everybody: nobody even guessed Yemen would be the US’s next target. Yemen seems to be rather successful against the background of such countries as Somalia, where no centralized authority exists, or the Philippines, which are terrorized by the Abu Sayyaf Islamic group.

Yemen’s leadership has supported the US’s struggle with terrorism and even organized an internal anti-terrorist operation for the search and extermination of terrorists. In addition, nothing of the kind has yet been done by Georgia. Moreover, originally, any presence of terrorists on its territory was denied, but when it admitted the fact, nothing was done to settle the problem. Georgia merely expects the US Rambo to come and solve its problems. The first group of US instructors is to come on March 15th.

Let us leave Georgia for a moment and pay attention to the Arabian Peninsula, where the events are going to become very hot.

In the nearest future, as soon as instructions are issued, 200 more soldiers will be transferred from Oman to Yemen. The US administration claims that they will assist Yemen’s army in the struggle against terrorism.

The Pentagon has not commented on the details of the military assistance. According to the Defense Department, about 500 US servicemen will be transferred to Yemen by the end of March. They will train Yemen’s soldiers as military advisers and participate in operations designed for the search of Al Qaeda militants. Some sources believe that Al Qaeda members are hiding in Yemen.

US special services say that the majority of Al Qaeda warriors are from Yemen or have been living there for a long period of time. Osama bin Laden’s father was born in Yemen. French special services have recently circulated information that Osama bin Laden may be hiding in Yemen. It seems to be rather strange, especially recalling the situation with the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Cole that was attacked exactly in Yemen’s port of Aden in October of 2000. The USA probably remembers this very well. It is a good chance for revenge.

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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