Curing China’s Problem of Youth Suicide

It is sad news to see that the leading cause of death in China among young people, in the age group 15-34, is suicide. The Chinese government is just beginning to recognize that they have a problem on their hands. For the first time, more young women are committing suicide than young men. This goes against statistical precedence around the globe. Public health officials are looking for ways to bring down the high suicide rate, especially among young women.

We have a few suggestions that may be of some help to the Chinese government:

A good place to start would be stopping the forced abortions that occur in a factory-like style around China. Forced abortion is a method of population control the Communist giant has used to keep increasing population growth under control. Although there seems to be some signs that China's one-child policy is not as closely enforced in the western provinces, the tight grip of the government in populated areas of the country keep the threat of forced abortion real. Forced abortion and bureaucratic restrictions on the God-given rights of having a family the size of your choice is not the key to a happy population. Beijing’s paranoia about population growth has been debunked as more studies show that the carrying capacity, or the amount of people a given piece of land can support, has been greatly under exaggerated by the soothsayers at the United Nations. Being able to have a family without the fear of your neighbors turning you in is a sure way to keep young, child-bearing aged women happy.

Another good place to start would be to ease the persecution of Christians. There is a flourishing underground Christian church in China, but its leaders and members are under a constant threat of imprisonment and even death for practicing their faith. The persecution of Christians for their faith is completely unfounded and shows the paranoia, in this case, of the regime of Jiang Zemin, that giving a little freedom will topple China's four thousand year history. Jiang’s government, in our opinion is correct in the control and disbanding of radical Islamic groups running wild in the western provinces. Should radical Islam gain a greater foothold in China, a giant can of worms will be opened as "moderate Muslims" morph into "militant Muslims". Should Christianity gain freedom of expression in China, what would be the threats involved? None. Pay your taxes. Submit to government. Pray for your leaders. These are all commands of Christ. Terrorist threats and bombing campaigns are not the nature of those who follow Christ. Giving a little freedom to oppressed Christians would increase hope and self-worth among young people in China.

A little more freedom in the government process would be nice too. Consistently clamping down on the democratic reforms is a great way to let the young know that their future, especially if they choose to work within the parameters of the government’s nod of approval offers little hope.

Suicide among youth is a terrible thing. It brings a tragic end to a young life in the most vibrant years. The Good book says that you can judge a tree by the fruit it bears. It appears as if, through years of oppression and restriction of basic freedoms, the Chinese government has started to reap the fruits it has sown.

Stephen A. McDonald

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