Beijing: In the US, there are no “human rights” and racial discrimination flourishes

Human rights are under question in the most "democratic" country of the world. At the same time, Washington dares to regard itself as the world's judge regarding human rights, especially human rights in other countries, China for example. This is the way the essence of the article “Analysis of the Situation with Human Rights” could be expressed, which was published by the Press Office of State Council. In the US, the article claims, there is lack of guarantees for life, protection, freedom, and the personal security of people” and “serious violations of human rights by law-enforcement departments.” Moreover, there is deeply rooted racial discrimination,” the “issue of poverty, hunger, and homeless people,” etc.

The reason why this public estimation of the situation in the US was presented by China is probably that on March 4, the annual report of US Department of State was published. Its subject was human rights as well, and to be more precise, “the situation with human rights in the world.” According to the report, the State Department is mainly concerned with the situation in China, Saudi Arabia, and, of course, in Russia. Here, Americans suppose that human rights were most often violated. China, under the pretex of the international anti-terrorist campaign, organized a new offensive against religious minorities, persecuting Muslims in the Sinjiang-Uigur autonomous district.

China unambiguously answered the US: the main upholders of "human rights" in the US ignore the beam in its own eye. Remember, earlier, North Korea was added by Washington to the black list of countries supporting world terrorism. On March 6, Minju Joson (Democratic Korea), North Korea’s state-run newspaper, named a new “axis of evil”: the US, Israel, and Japan. While the US attacks on North Korea are nothing but “misinterpretation of reality” to prepare public opinion for the continuation of the “anti-terrorist campaign.”

However, Americans themselves, it least most of them, are not aware of the resentment felt by the rest of the world. The US population still feels euphoria, partly caused by the anti-terrorist campaign in Afghanistan. According polls carried out by ABC News and the Washington Post, most US citizens (88%) approve of George Bush’s leadership in the war against terrorism. At the same time, 82 percent of Americans fully support him as president. Moreover, 85 percent of citizens consider the anti-terrorist campaign in Afghanistan to be a success, while 72 percent suppose that the “retribution action” should be extended on other pariah states.

Sergei Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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