Russia slipping into abyss

Dear compatriots! Dear President of the Russian Federation! Our fatherland is in danger! Russia is on the verge of self-annihilation. Enemy called criminality is before our threshold. Tide of murders and grave crimes against individual has overwhelmed the whole country. Every day, reports sound all over Russia, robbery and brigandage are being committed, human blood is being shed. Today, people are being killed with impunity in the streets, in the doorways, in their own flats. Children and old men, students and academicians, businessmen and statesmen are being killed cruelly and in cold blood. Only last year, more than 50 thousand people were killed and committed suicide, dozens of thousands die in hospitals from wounds caused by bandits’ attacks, thousands of people are missing. Criminality has reached such a range, that it really threatens to Russia’s survival. In the country, national wealth is being plundered, while drug addiction and prostitution prosper, a great army of homeless children has appeared, who fill up row of organized criminality. Criminals unleashed open terror against every citizen, the society is bound with total fear. People fear for their lives, for lives of their children and beloved ones. They are perplexed, they do not know what to do and keep silent, while feeling powerless. Hopeless and desperate spirits prevail in the society. In Russia, for a long time, an undeclared war of criminals against the whole society and every citizen is being carried, and this war is becoming more and more expanded. Every day, month, year, the number of victims grows. One should be blind not to see it. Russia is slipping into abyss, spiritual foundations of the nation are being ruined, morality is loosing its power. Corruption has reached a precarious scale. Legal system is not effective. The legislation cannot guarantee individual’s security. In the state, there is no programme of anti-criminal fight. Criminals strive eagerly to power and often reach it. Processes going on in the society will have catastrophic consequences, if they are not stopped. Contrary to the nation’s will and for the West’s sake, moratorium on the death penalty for the most grave crimes was introduced. Namely this decision set free criminals’ arms. Murderers, drug sellers, embezzlers of public funds understood they are threatened with nothing. The decision about the moratorium was not only mistaken, but simply ruinous. It turned into a big tragedy for the society. Thousands of people are being killed, while their beloved ones should for the whole their life carry the load of sorrow. Overwhelming majority of Russian citizens cannot resign themselves to it. The legislation which allows to murderers to avoid retribution is not just. If the power is chargeable, it must share responsibility for lost lives of Russian citizens. Everybody, whose heart has not hardened, who possess conscience and civil fortitude, should aloud declare: we cannot live so. Resolute and effective measures are necessary, which should put an end to the raging of criminality and guarantee to every citizen the right to secure live. We address to you, Mr President! Use your congizance, please, to abolish moratorium on death penalty for the most grave crimes against individual and the state; Declare to the people a concrete programme of fight against internal terrorism – against criminals of all ranks. We are sure that Russian citizens are ready for constructive dialogue with you on above-mentioned subjects. Dear compatriots, it is time to come to ourselves. Let us unit! In this way, we will achieve peace and harmony in the society, social order and guarantees of personal security. Silence could destroy Russia. Translated by Vera Solovieva

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