US threatens Russia with nuclear attack

“The local” war in Afghanistan continues – this can be seen with the naked eye. “Operation Anaconda” has stifled itself in its own embrace. The American “blitzkrieg” Washington of spoke with such enthusiasm has not worked in Afghanistan. The Americans and their allies have suffered serious losses, while militants of the Taliban and Al Qaeda have being annihilated in the hundreds, and, according to the Pentagon, do not intend to stop their resistance and even continue to advance. However, what is very strange is that the rusty Kalashnikov rifle is more effective than US vacuum bombs.

The military campaign in the Afghan mountains has become one of the most difficult ordeals for the US Army since the war in Vietnam, BBC observer Johnatan Marcus stated. According to him, for the Pentagon, it is a serious test for the new information systems’ capacity to carry out military activities under very disadvantageous conditions. In previous military operations, the Gulf War and the war against Yugoslavia, the US preferred to rely on its aircraft.

However, battles in the Afghan mountains are another thing. The Rangers and America's mountain divisions take part in them. This signifies America's attempt to transform its Armed Forces from a not very mobile military machine fit mainly for the Cold War into a more mobile army using the most state-of-the-art, modern technologies. However, America's activities in the mountains are complicated due to many troubles. It is difficult for helicopters to fly in the mountain air. While Al Qaeda has large reserves of grenade launchers.

The Taliban and Al Qaeda militants seem to be more experienced in carrying out battles under such conditions: mountains and bad weather. That is why the battles are so violent.

Americans are irritated with the militants’ resistance, and they are even ready to use nuclear weapons to finish such battles as soon as possible. The Americans wanted to use low-powered nuclear bombs, which were already used their war in Vietnam and, later, in Iraq. Therefore, why not no use them now, in another country?

The United States is transferring nuclear weapons from storage to its battle arsenal and plans to use nuclear weapons against other countries.

According to the Los Angeles Times, possessing a secret report of the Pentagon, there are seven countries among the potential targets of nuclear attacks: Russia, China, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Lebanon. American military supposes that small nuclear weapons could be potentially used against these countries. Nuclear weapons could be used in the following cases: against objects that are able to withstand a nuclear attack; as a reciprocal measure to use of nuclear, chemical, and bacteriological weapons; and in the case of an “unexpected development in a military situation,” the newspaper writes. Moreover, the newspaper reports that Washington plans to start the development of low-powered nuclear weapons. The Pentagon speaks of possible situations when the US might use nuclear weapons: war between China and Taiwan, North Korea attacking South Korea, and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

It should stated that the report appeared just at the moment when the Bush administration declared a reduction of America's nuclear arsenal, while, as a matter of fact, according to the Los Angeles Times, it is looking for reasons to use it.

“This is a dynamite,” – one of expert named Bolton said to the journalists. “I can only guess what these seven countries’ representatives would say at Council of Europe.” According to Bolton, Washington is not looking for a reason to use its nuclear arsenal against anybody. However, he stressed, “we will do our best to protect the population of America.” Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru Translated by Vera Solovieva

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