International Day of the Woman:Still a long way to go

The 8th of March is the International Day of the Woman. Despite the progress made during the last century, there is still such a long way to go before sexual discrimination is eradicated that the situation continues to be a shame for the human race.

Kofi Annan dedicates the session of the UN General Assembly to debate the question to “the indomitable spirit, heroism and resistance of the Afghan women”. However, it should also be remembered that not even six months have passed since the overthrow of one of the most oppressive regimes against women to have existed, the Taleban, was overthrown. This in the twenty-first century.

During the Soviet-backed regime in Kabul, women had full rights. They were allowed to vote and to work. Women played an important role in Afghanistan’s education and healthcare systems, both destroyed by the American-backed Taleban.

Between one third and one half of women in the majority of countries around the world have been the victims of sexual, psychological or physical violence at least once.

Labour legislation in many countries discriminates against women. Those who are not on full contractual terms with firms lose their jobs if they become pregnant and if they have an unwanted pregnancy, it is still illegal to have an abortion in many countries.

Social security systems often turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to complaints of domestic violence. Many are those women who prefer to suffer in silence. There is still much to do for a collective conscience to be formed regarding women’s rights.


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