Monica Lewinsky started talking

The key figure of the scandal, which almost ousted Bill Clinton from the White House, has been given an opportunity to talk about it herself. The official ban was lifted up from Monica Lewinsky, and she started talking. This ban was probably good for Monica - she could have a good rest and think about what happened.

One of the cable channels of the American television started broadcasting a series of programs, in which Monica was answering the questions from the students of New York Cooper Union college. The series is called “Monica in Black and White.” The author of the series is the main character of the scandal, which stirred up the political life of the United States.

Monica said that she thought it would be a funny flirt: “I am young, and there was a president near me – an attractive man. Everything was irresponsible, but cool.” When their “love story” began in 1995, Monica was 22 years old, and everything was unusually exciting for her.

Now Monica says that she is doing her best to get her anonymity back. Lewinsky never wanted everyone to talk about her. It just so happened: “The fact that I became the center of public attention was a tragic moment for me and for my family,” – said Monica. She was insulted by Clinton’s words, who said during the hearings on impeachment that he was simply accepting the sexual tokens of attention. Monica insists that the affair was mutual, and proves it with the presents that the ex-president gave her.

At present moment Lewinsky is living in New York, designing fancy-bags for her living and selling them on the Internet. The average price of one bag from Monica is $130. She also studies psychology in the Columbia University of New York. The ex-president’s office is in New York too, but they are not likely to meet again.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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