Will Europe become a superpower?

The only superpower to date, the Unites States of America, is watching the birth of its new competitor, a united Europe. Former president of France Giscard d'Estaing said at the convention for the future of Europe that the process of lengthy speculations about the fate of the continent should open the way for passing a common constitution. It seems that Europe has no way back. After the euro became the official currency of several countries at once, the “old continent” is rushing to its total unification. The European Union will soon be able to challenge America, and the world will be watching. Which system is going to prove its efficiency, the union of the states, the so-called "melting pot," or the union of countries with rich histories?

The convention is supposed to reform the institutes of the European Union, which are becoming outdated, and to prepare for the year 2004, when ten new countries will become members. As Giscard d'Estaing said, European nations must unite into a force that will be able to resist the Americans. He thinks that if everything goes right, then Europe will play a completely different role in the world in about 50 years. The world will listen to Europe, to what it has to say on this or that subject, and the European opinion will be taken into consideration during decision-making procedures. Europe will become an equal partner with the present and future super-powers, not only an economic but also a political partner. If Europeans fail to cope with the grand task of unification, then there will be no country of the old continent, not even the largest one, which will compete with super-powers, Giscard d'Estaing warned.

The biggest problem for a united Europe is the position of Great Britain. Europe is not complete without it. It may seem strange, but the countries of the former eastern bloc may become the allies of the British. They have hardly enjoyed an independent existence, as they were involved in another bloc. Most likely, they are not going to live well in the centralized super-state, into which the continent may become. The attributes of such a state may appear next summer. The role of the Council of Europe, of the European parliament, and of the European commission will grow because the rights of each separate country will be cut. The European Union will determine the authorities and privileges of its own armed forces, its police, and diplomacy. Some British parliamentarians think that such unification may, not only question the sovereignty of the certain countries, but also the principles of democracy may also be called into question. As they think, only national parliaments can put those principles into practice.

It is interesting that a lot of people think that Europe’s biggest advantage is its ability to withstand the policy of the United States. The American predominance in the military and political fields became especially evident for Europeans after the anti-terrorist war started all over the world. Americans do not really reckon with Europe’s opinion in that struggle. That is why Europe hurries to unite. However, the European nations will have to give up much of their independence for that.

Sergey Borisov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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