Berezovsky shows horror flick in London

Russian businessman Boris Berezovsky is holding a press-conference today in London. During this conference, Berezovsky is going to show a documentary that "proves" the connection of the Russian Federal Security Bureau with the acts of terrorism in Moscow and Volgodonsk in 1999, as well as with the preparation of an explosion of an apartment building in the city of Ryazan (the boxes of hexogen were found in the basement of that building).

Berezovsky thinks that these horrid tragedies were caused not by Chechen terrorists but by agents of the FSB. The goal such events was to strengthen the anti-Chechen sentiment in Russian society on the eve of the second Chechen campaign.

Furthermore, Berezovsky dropped a hint that President Putin was also involved in the acts of terrorism. The Swiss publication Facts asked Berezovsky why Putin was against him. Berezovsky evasively answered that Putin’s biggest problem was that he was trying to find the simplest solution to each problem: “But our problems are so many-sided that there cannot be simple solutions.”

The film is meant “to push Russia to repentance. The organization that is called KGB, the organization of bandits, must be destroyed forever,” a “sophisticated” Berezovsky thinks. Berezovsky hopes that representatives of Russian business and the regional elite will support him in his “lethal fight with Putin.”

However, as experts believe, Berezovsky cannot possess evidence to prove that the Federal Security Bureau and even President Putin were connected with the mentioned explosions. It was said that he was using old footage from the archives of the company NTV, footage that depicts some sacks found in the cellar of a building during FSB exercises. As someone said, Berezovsky could obtain the new materials one way only: putting FSB officers in front of the camera, ones that take his side and are ready to prove Berezovsy's version.

Relatives of Muscovites who were killed as a result of the explosions are also going to take part in the London conference, as well as some deputies of the Russian parliament. A group of ten people flew to London to support Berezovsky, people from his own Liberal Party Russia.

The Office of the Prosecutor General reacted to Berezovsky’s action and stated that “this upholder of justice” could be internationally wanted for sponsoring international terrorism. Berezovsky could be charged of the direct participation in the kidnapping General Gennady Shpigun.

Pavel Barkovsky, a spokesman for the Office of the Prosecutor General, said that one witness testified that General Shpigun was informed about the character of the cooperation between Basayev, Udugov, and Arsanov and their joint kidnapping business at the end of 1998: “Shpigun was kidnapped around that time from a plane in Grozny’s airport on the request from Berezovsky,” – Barkovsky said.

Berezovsky is trying to make the world community think that he is the main fighter for democracy in Russia. Even if he sincerely cares about the freedom of speech in Russia, then he is not doing this because of his unselfishness. He is driven by the strong wish to get back into power. Vyacheslav Volodin, a deputy from the faction Fatherland All-Russia, said that Berezovsky’s accusations do not contain anything but political intrigues.

Sergey Yugov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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