Seven Mujahideens Die in Unsuccessful Attack on Police

The attack on the police patrol was apparently part of a wider plan. Macedonian security forces on high alert, securing American, British, and German embassies, preventing further Mujahideen attacks against NATO targets.

According to the sources from Ministry of Interior, Macedonian police arrested four Mujahideen in Skopje 12 days ago. The police extracted information that they were part of a larger Islamic terrorist network, planning to attack Macedonian and NATO facitilies in the country.

As a reaction, special forces of Macedonian police deployed around the embassies of the United States of America, Great Britian and Germany, steeping up the security measures, and intensified patrolling in the critical areas, as pinpointed by the arrested terrorists.

Saturday, at about 4:00 a.m., an armed group of seven men attacked a police patrol in the area of Rashtanski Lozja district [Rashtan Vineyard], near Ljuboten north of Skopje. Ministry of Interior informed that the Macedonian Security Forces appropriately responded to the attack.

The official report announces that all seven, still unidentified assailants died in the shooting. Macedonian security forces suffered no casualties.

An executive judge, first public prosecutor and an expert team of the Ministry of Interior carried investigation at the scene of the crime, and determined that the group was armed with four machine guns, eight China-made hand grenades, eight hand-held rocket launchers and a radio station. The bodies of the terrorists will undergo further investigation in the Institute for Forensic Medicine.

MIA, citing the official report, states that “the process of identification of the persons is ongoing. According to the preliminary information, they are foreign citizens.”

Although the majority of foreigners who participate in Albanian terrorist campaign against Macedonia are Kosovar Albanians, Reality Macedonia sources claim that in this particular case, according to initial information, the attackers are non-European Islamists.

Later during the day, A1 TV News reported more details about the incident. Macedonian police arrested the first Islamist group in front of the German embassy in the center of Skopje. Members of the group are two Jordanians and two Bosnians who study in Jordan.

Upon the arrest, the police confiscated computer disks containing 12,000 pages of information about the wars in Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, and Macedonia. Analysis of that material revealed some of the intentions of the terror network: commiting attacks on the Macedonian government officials and foreign embassies.

Macedonian security forces intensified patrolling, and this morning at 4:00, seven unknown persons were noticed exiting a van, coming from an unknown location north of there, in Rashtanski Lozje. The police approached the group and told them to stop. The group members opened fire and died in the shoot-out. Their identity remains unknown, although the police suspects that they are Pakistanis. Besides weapons, they had prayer books and other religious materials with them.

High government officials stated that they do not suppose that this attack is an innuendo into the announced Albanian terrorist "spring offensive," but nevertheless remain prepared to defend the country.

Refresh your memory:

Information from our archive about another terrorist ambush, and its victims. You can find more info about Vejce massacre by reading the The White Book On The Terrorism Of The So-Called NLA containing official police data, including forensic photos of massacred victims of Albanian terrorism [not for sensitive persons].

For comparison, you can also check out how Al-Qaeda sponsored Chechen terrorists do their ambushes. Gruesome content, including Islamists displaying internal organs of killed Russian soldiers. Source: a site devoted to promotion of Jihad.

Coincidently, Azzam lists Kosovo as one of the "Jihad lands." Recently, BBC run a story on Azzam, confirming its authenticity. Its section on Bosnia sports “inspiring” stories about international Islamic “martyrs” who “went to Allah” while attacking the Christian Serbs. The part about how they sacrificed their lives with a smile on their face, or not even flinched while being hit by bullets eerily resembles the tales of “heroes” of Albanian terror in Kosovo.


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