The Fallacy of More Democratic Control in the War on Terror

In a move if bewildering incompetence, Capitol Hill Democrats, most notably Tom Daschle of South Dakota and Robert Byrd of West Virginia, are looking to hobble the war on terrorism for the political benefits to be awarded, hopefully, in November. Something I cannot understand is the fact the Mr. Daschle will short sell the safety of our nation for the sake of elections in November. But then again, the few sheep following Mr. Daschle might as well lead their entire flock of Democrats over a cliff; I just hope and pray that they are not able to lead our country with them.

It is the call, and oft unspoken desire of Senate Democrats, to let the United Nations take over the Peace Keeping forces in Afghanistan. This will no doubt yield to a watered down and politically correct respect for the radical Islamists and their views, perceived by the UN to be at least equal or perhaps superior to our own. Negotiations will rule the day, as our interests will be made a mockery of at the bargaining table. We know from almost a decade of appeasing the terrorists through a series of hand holding agreements where we used the failed tactics of Neville Chamberlain, that negotiation does not work. Terrorists only respond to crushing brute force.

The Western regions of India are on the brink of religious anarchy, as the country is trying to settle the sectarian violence created when some “moderate Muslims”, set fire to a train of Hindu activist returning from a rally. This has set off a killing spree that has claimed at least 250 lives as of this morning. That figure does not mention the number of homes, business, and places of worship, on both sides that have been ransacked or destroyed. Again we question the voices in the Media Elite that consistently call Islam a religion of tolerance. Is it in the best interests for India to negotiate and comply with the terrorists bringing havoc upon their country? No way.

Are we to heed a Democratic call to castrate the Bush Administration and the war in terror for political reasons? The prominent Senate voices, rank and file elite Democrats need to be voted out of the office. It is irresponsible to give even the slightest credence to the idea.

Yesterday, the President’s Press Secretary Ari Fleischer had to retract statements that the problem of global terrorism only grew after the forced negotiations of the Clinton Era. In all cases, negotiations, from Sri Lanka to the West Bank to Northern Ireland accomplished only one thing; short-term domestic benefits while the problem in each of the respective areas only spiraled out of control.

Mr. Daschle and the Democrats failed in their quest to hold up economic stimulus legislation, and taking a black eye for it too. It was a political gamble as they tried to play the American people against the White House. It failed. Playing games with a stimulus package and marginalizing the defense of our country are two different things. Democrats calling for more legislative and bureaucratic control in the war on terror should not be given the time of day. They had their chance for the last eight-year administration and they failed- miserably.

Stephen A. McDonald

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