The party of spiritual persons

In Russia, a new political party has appeared. It is called Socialist United Party of Russia (Spiritual Inheritance). Actually, the new party is nothing more than the synthesis of two political outsiders – of Socialist Party of Russia, created by Ivan Rybkin (1993-1995 State Duma speaker and ex-leader of Russian Security Council) and of Spiritual Inheritance movement of Alexei Podberezkin, who for a long time cooperated with Communist Party of the Russian Federation and pretended to be an intellectual leader of Russian patriotic movement. As a result of the unification, Ivan Rybkin was elected the new party’s chairman, while Alexei Podberezkin became its secretary general. According to Rybkin, the main aim of the created party is to organize a society “rendering maximal opportunities for self-fulfilling of spiritual persons. Namely of amount of such persons, a nation and a state possessing unique potential and resources is being formed.” According to Alexei Podberezkin, the new party should not have troubles with attraction of new members and it could include not less than 100 thousand people. The party will “stake on intellectuals, supporters of Labourist socialism with imperial and monarchical deviation.” Nice, is not it?.. Yes, many adults even being in respectable age cannot give up their favourite toys. For what aims the party was created? Do its leaders really account on mass support? They most likely do not, because they are smart people. They simply cannot resign themselves to the thought that they are not demanded as politicians. Today’s Russia does not need their ideology. And, of course, they could lay down less complicated aims. Though, on the other hand, here there are certain reefs, too. For example, once Zhirinovski promised a bottle of vodka for every man and a man for every woman. The electorate did not believe him, though Zhirinovski still got to the Duma, however he took a great deal of trouble over it. And what the leaders of the Socialist United Party do expect? However, the party’s leaders have plenty of time before them. Let us see what they will achieve. Who knows, probably all citizens of Russia will become spiritual persons thanks to Rybkin and Podberezkin’s efforts. What a happy life will be then! Vasily Bubnov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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