Nenad M.Jovanovic: God is with us! And thousands of new Karadzics

- The Western media sometimes reports that ex-leaders of Bosnian Serbs Radovan Karadzic and General Ratko Mladic are said to have been arrested. The USA persistently says that they are to be arrested very soon. How do you think the situation concerning Karadzic and Mladic will turn out? Will their appearance at the Hague tribunal make Serbian society indignant?

Serbian and Western media touch upon the problem of arrest of Karadzic and Ratko more and more often. This seems to be the so-called preparation for their detention and further delivery to the Hague tribunal. However, despite the intensified persecution of the Serbian leaders, the patriotic movement OBRAZ, like all Serbian patriots, does everything possible to help General Mladic and Doctor Karadzic in the war with the NWO adepts. We render political, material, and prayerful support to them. The leader of our movement, Neboisha Krstic, who died last year, respected and loved Professor Radovan Karadzic, especially after he personally met with him. I know these people very well, which is why I am sure that both of them will not surrender to the so-called "International Tribunal" voluntarily, even despite their problematic situation. Unfortunately, Belgrade’s collaboration government and Banja-Luka follow every instruction issued by Washington. These authorities will do their best to deliver any Serb on the black list in the west to the Hague Tribunal. The population’s opinion will not even be taken into account.

In fact, the Democratic Oppostion of Serbia (Yugoslavia’s ruling coalition) aims to make the Serbian people focus on trivial issues, nothing more, and to be afraid of the possible consequences of their own protests. To put it in other words, the present-day regime does everything possible to create apathy, stupidity, and disappointment in the hearts of the Serbian people. However, we believe in the people. Despite the fact that Belgrade’s regime dislikes it, Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic have become legends for the majority of Serbs; they are treated like national heroes.

For example, sport fans wore T-shirts and jerseys with portraits of Radovan Karadzic during the recent Partisan-FMP basketball match. Even top officials fear that the arrest of General Mladic could cause violence in the country.

- During the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia, President Slobodan Milosevic managed rally the nation around himself. Does Yugoslavia have a political or religious leader to head the national patriotic movement now? Is there any alternative to total integration with the West, which was proclaimed by Yugoslavia’s ruling coalition immediately after Kostunica’s presidential victory?

Until the Feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin last year, we had such an outstanding person on the Serbian political scene. I mean the chairman of OBRAZ, Neboisha Krstic. He was born in 1964 and died right after the celebration of his 37th birthday. Neboisha Krstic was an outstanding theologian, writer and philosopher, a wise politician, wonderful orator, and founder of the patriotic movement "Obraz." Many Serbian patriots, especially young believers and nationally-oriented people, have put him on a pedestal.

On the night of December 4, 2001, Neboisha Krstic was murdered by the people for whom he posed a threat. In addition, two other activists of the movement were injured. The murder was declared to be a mere traffic accident. The departments concerned and almost all of the Serbian mass media hushed up the tragedy, although it would be important, even for the international community, to mention the name Neboisha Krstic. This seems to be substantial proof of the continued NATO agression against the Serbian people, which has become more violent and intricate.

There are many clergymen truly devoted to Serbia at the head of the Orthodox Church. There are Bishop Daniil Krstic, former Zaholmsky-Herzegovina Bishop Afanasy Evtich, and Montenegro-Primorsky Metropolitan Amphiloch Radovic. The award presented by Alexey II to the Serbian Patriarchy Pavle is another confirmation of the fraternal relations between the Russian and Serbian people.

There is no need to mention that the Church can not be involved in politics to the same extent as the secular elite, to keep the people away from finally falling into the abyss. The public speeches of Alexander Karadjordjevic and the activity of Radovan Karadzic are very promising. The anti-Serb regimes on Serbian territories and their “advisers” from Washington and Brussels are mistaken when they think that Orthodox Serbia can be destroyed and perpetually humiliated. To be sure, the Serbian people will have thousands of new heroes for the revival of our nation.

- Certainly, the problem of Kosovo is largest for the Serbian people. What is your opinion about the possible development of the situation in Kosovo? As we all know, Serbian monks make every effort to support the life of Kosovo’s monasteries. For several years already they have been serving as an example of surviving under awful conditions. How do the monks manage to live together with the rebellious Albanian militants?

Kosovo and Metohja are a great problem for Serbia, which appeared a long time ago. It was hard for us to lose Serbian Kraina, Dalmatia, Slavonija (now Croatia), Bosnia, Herzegovina, South Serbia (now Macedonia), but the Serbian people will hardly reconcile the separation of Kosovo and Metohja. Those Albanians living in misery, whose lives are used for other people’s interests, also understand this as well. Albanians lack any national sense and notion of a civilization because of their savagery and ignorance. They have never been able to create a state of their own, not to mention about control over it.

The Albanians are not satisfied with the fact that in 1913, due to the efforts of the West, they gained control over the ancient Serbian town of Shkodra and the whole territory of today’s northern Albania. To be honest, this was not deserved. The Albanians are going to take an original territory from their neighbor, the Serbian people, who have been suffering intrigues and tricks of Albanians for many years already. At the same time, as Metropolitan Amphiloch once said, “the Albanian people make up the most tragic nation in Europe.”

Yes, they can make Albanians more predominant in the populations of Kosovo and Metohja, but in the future, we will recover the area, as well as other occupied Serbian territories. Remember from history that we Serbs have already managed to liberate Kosovo from Byzantium, Turkey, and the Italians and Germans. God is with us!

It makes no difference for the Serbian people whether or not the Albanians create a separate quasi-state or strive to join Albania. We will only accept a solution where Kosovo and Metohja are considered to be an integral part of Serbian territory. Nobody has the right to give away this “Serbian Jerusalem," and this includes the former Communist regime and the present-day pro-Western government.

As of today, some sources report that 120,000 Serbs live in Kosovo and Metohja, and the ethnic cleansing continues. Representatives of the UN and KFOR missions ignore such violence in the country. Thousands of Serbian farms and about one hundred Orthodox churches have been destroyed. Cloisters &to=' target=_blank>Visoki Decani Monastery, Gracanica Monastery, Pec Monastery are languishing in poverty because of the occupying troops.

Life in the monasteries of Kosovo and Metohja resembles that of a ghetto. The monks have almost no contact with the world. On the other hand, this is better for the monks, otherwise the Albanians would tear them into pieces. Since NATO troops invaded Kosovo, 1,300 Serbs have gone missing; nothing is known about their fates. The only way to contact the monasteries is via telephone or Internet. The lands outside the monasteries’ territories have been occupied by exiles from Albania. In their prayers, the monks work in their obedience for the sake of the cross they have raised. They understand perfectly well that Orthodoxy in Kosovo and Metohja is experiencing its hardest times in the whole history of Christianity.

I would like to stress that Serbian patriots will be always grateful to the Russian people. Russian soldiers guard the Devic Monastery, which an ancient Serbian monastery (built in the 15th century). This monastery has suffered the most from Albanian extremists. Let us hope that the service of Russian soldiers in Kosovo and Metohja will make for the strengthening of the traditional relations and cooperation of our peoples.

Nenad M.Jovanovic is a secretary for Serbian emigration and political realations of the patriotic movement OBRAZ Nenad M.Jovanovic was interviewed by Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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