Alexandr Lebed cherishes hopes for conquering Taimyr

Territorial conflict of two subjects of federation – Krasnoyarsk region and Taimyr autonomous district initiated by Krasnoyarsk region’s governor Alexandr Lebed was continued today. PRAVDA.Ru covered the whole story: as a result of the Krasnoyarsk governor’s policy, the region’s budged is still not passed, while relations between the region and Taimyr autonomous district has not been settled yet. Both leaders were invited to the Fiscal Ministry, where they spoke with first deputy Finance Minister, Alexei Ulyukaev. The conversation was long and detailed. In the sitting, questions of the economical situation’s stabilization were discussed. The sides agreed that by March 1, Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk region must ratify a treaty on inter-budgetary relations between the region and Taimyr. To stimulate Krasnoyarsk deputies to ratify the treaty, the Fiscal Ministry intends to grant 450-million loan to the region (while really the region needs several billion). To be short, the Fiscal Ministry’s decision is: no treaty - no agreement. Further, a decision about creation of a working group was taken, including representatives of the region, of the district, of the Fiscal Ministry, of Economical Development and Trade Ministry and of State Statistics Committee, which should clear the Augean Stables, the result of general Lebed’s ruling in the once-prosperous region. Apropos, for all that, the sides reached an agreement, however the protocol was not signed by Lebed, but by Legislative Assembly’s speaker Alexei Uss. In general, it is an interesting story with the sign. The meeting in the Fiscal Ministry took place on February 22, while the sign appeared on February 27. Probably Alexandr Lebed had expected much more from the meeting. He, probably, had hoped, that the Ministry would curb Taimyr, though the result was reverse. Though being a state man, Alexandr Lebed restrained his insult and signed the document, however a bit later. Though taking into account Lebed’s severe character, everything could be expected. Just after the sitting in the Ministry, Alexandr Lebed sent a letter to Taimyr governor Alexandr Khlopynin, informing him he recalled his sign under the agreement of December 16 2001. The reason, why he breaks the agreement is that “that was a working agreement which does not solve the problem of the city of Norilsk’s territorial belonging.” Of course, should the document content something else? The territorial dispute between Krasnoyarsk and Taimyr belongs to Russian Constitutional Court’s competence. And if the question is addressed to the Court, the decision will hardly be in favour of Krasnoyarsk region. So, Mr Lebed should not create illusions for himself. As for the agreement, Alexandr Lebed must determine his position: to sign or not to sign the agreement. State people should not change his mind so often. Of course, the governor independently takes decisions, though their results influence the life of the whole region. The agreement’s ratification was the first condition for receiving money, therefore the region is left without salaries and pensions. Alexei Uss, speaker of Krasnoyarsk regional Duma, called the governors to solving the problem as soon as possible. “While the question of inter-budgetary relations is not settled, the region’s budget cannot be considered,” – Uss said. Uss also stressed that after Lebed recalled his sign, the text of the agreement cannot be considered as well as the region’s 2002 budget. According to Uss, the budget presented by the governor must be recalled or considered by the regional Duma. “Though all the deadlines are over, so the governors must promptly take a decision about payment for Norilski Nikel stock company,” – A.Uss said. “Unequal activities of Alexandr Lebed could complicate the inter-budgetary treaty’s ratification by the regional Legislative Assembly,” – the Assembly’s deputy Vasily Nechaev supposes. According to him, “this is not the first time the Krasnoyarsk governor changes his mind. Another deputy of the Legislative Assembly, Alexandr Timanovsky also shares the view that ratification and realization of the treaty “would be very profitable for both sides from economical point of views.” It should be remembered, that according to the earlier agreement approved by both governors, 40 percent of the tax’s sum was received by Krasnoyarsk region’s budget, while 60 percent – by Taimyr autonomous district. Alexandr Lebed seems not to be satisfied with these figures. Alexandr Lebed is a generous nature. If his energy is used for peaceful aims…

Dmitry Litvinovich PRAVDA.Ru Translated by Vera Solovieva

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