Johann Muehlegg: “I saw them. Extra-terrestrials helped me”

It looks as though Spanish cross country skier Johann Muehlegg is not of this world. This might explain how he won three gold medals at the 2001 Salt Lake Olympics, and any doping has nothing to do with it. The referees were surprised with the skier’s statement that his actions are guided “by extra-terrestrials from space." Johann Muehlegg made the following statement in an interview with the BBC: “I saw them. They contacted me and are now guiding my actions. You may say it is funny, but their assistance has produced an evident effect. I am an Olympic champion now, and my achievements are to go down in history.”

The athlete explains that such assistance “from above” requires forbidden drugs. He says that he used no drugs.

The 31-year-old Spanish skier was stripped of one of his three gold medals (the one in the 50 km event), but he will retain the two others he won in shorter events.

In addition, the FIS disqualified the athlete for a period of two years. However, what seems to be more awful for the athlete about the whole situation is the way Spain treated the disclosure. PRAVDA.Ru already reported that Spain was disappointed on the very last day of the Olympics. Spanish media reported that "Muehlegg was pulling the wool over our eyes.”

It has been reported that the ceremonial reception in the honor of Muehlegg and other athletes, which is to be held at the residence of Spanish King Juan Carlos, has been postponed for an uncertain period of time.

It is evident that the skier is quite normal (I mean his mental state), still optimistic, and full of humor. Moreover, he is resolute in the struggle for his rights, although in a rather unusual way. However, he himself probably believes in what he is saying.

Now, Johann Muehlegg is in the Bavarian Mountains, living in his own hotel together with his brother. There, he probably dreams of some unearthly beings.

Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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