Early Election In Macedonia – Not A Chance!

The leaders of major political parties, signatories of the Ohrid Framework Agreement, failed to compromise on early election date. The opposition SDSM announced late on Tuesday that it will no longer participate in party leader meetings. The leaders discussed the possibility of applying a proportional model with one or several electoral districts.

"SDSM is a serious political party that stands behind its signature and the obligations it has undertaken in Ohrid. We just consider that it is useless to take part in these so-called leader meetings, as they have turned into instrument for buying time, hindering the faster implementing of the Agreement," Crvenkovski said.

At yesterday's seven-hour meeting, Prime Minister and VMRO_DPMNE leader Ljupcho Georgievski said that early parliamentary elections could be held any day after August 1.

"Any day from August 20 to November 20 is within the term for regular elections in compliance with the Macedonian Constitution," he said, adding that there was no will for early elections.

"Setting of election date in July, August or on national holidays is a trick solution, as most of the voters will have no chance to present their wish in normal circumstances," Crvenkovski said.

Speaking about the leaders' meetings, Prime Minister Georgievski said that they were postponed due to obligations of the SDSM leader Branko Crvenkovski, but also due to Crvenkovski's anger and statements of the type whether he would participate or not.

"The fact that Crvenkovski announced that he would no longer participate in the Framework Agreement is very smart of him. It is an intelligent move from a political point of view. I do not even intend to talk in that style," he said.

“The Macedonian People put up with this govermant for more than 1300 days, we can manage another hundred or so”, added Crvenkovski on his press conference after the meeting.

The leaders had however agreed on draft-law on amnesty. They agreed on starting date of amnesty – January 1st 2001. The draft-law will be put to the vote in parliament in the coming days.

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