A newly born Russian patriotic party

The first session of the Russian People’s and Patriotic Party took place in the settlement of Moskovsky (the Moscow region) on February 23, on the day of the Defenders of the Fatherland. The session gathered about 200 delegates from 70 regions of the country, who came to announce the birth of the party of Russia’s real patriots and saviors.

The charter of the party and its economic conception, which was published in the press, did not leave any doubts: the new party is in the opposition to the Kremlin’s social and economic policies.

Vladimir Putin sent a welcoming message to the participants of the recent session of the Russian Communist Party, but journalists were recommended not to write or say anything about the session of the People’s and Patriotic Party. The media outlets turned out to be very obedient, and the birth of the opposition party took place under the conditions of an information blockade.

When General Igor Rodionov, the former defense minister and a deputy of the Russian parliament, started reading the political program of the new party, it became clear that he would be its chairman. During the first minutes of his speech, he clarified the patriots’ goals:

- Only true patriots can struggle with the mess, chaos, and the betrayal of the national interests of the country patriots that are united by one organization. The goal of the People’s Patriotic Party is to come to power in Russia.

- The implementation of the party's program will allow for the establishment of the power of the people in the country, to provide worthy living conditions for Russians, and to restore the integral Russian power in its historical borders (by this, Ukraine and Belarus are meant).

A deputy of the Russian parliament, Georgy Kostin, made a report about an economic concept, which is a planned economy of two levels. The goal of this concept is to extricate Russia from the crisis and to take the leading positions in the world. As Kostin said, such an economy allows China to feed its huge population and also to export the products.

The delegates approved the charter and the program without a long debate, and then they elected their leaders. Igor Rodionov became the chairman of the new party.

Analyzing the results of the first session of the People’s Patriotic Party, one may notice very curious moments. For example, “dismissing the destroyers and the party of national betrayal” is one thing. Igor Rodionov said that liberalism was the main destructive force, so Rodionov is going to fight with it first after the party is registered in the Ministry for Justice. Will this 64-year-old man have enough energy and drive for that? That is the question.

Here is another question: it is impossible to promote a party without considerable investment. Will there be such investment? It is much easier to fund Gennady Zyuganov, who has an electorate, a faction, and extensive experience in politics. The main thing: will this new party come to power? Gennady Zyuganov has not been able to do it for eight years already, though it seems that he is not really trying.

Alexander Golovenko PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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