Georgian Security Council’s secretary took away to grave Shevardnadze’s secrets

On Monday, Secretary of Georgian National Security Council Nugzar Sadzhaya committed suicide in State Office of Georgia. This was reported today by Georgian TV channels. Several minutes later after his suicide attempt, Sadzhaya was transported to republican hospital, where he died on operating table. Just after the incident, journalists and visitors were forbidden to enter the State Office of Georgia. According to recent reports, Georgian President is now in the hospital, where Nugzar Sadzhaya died. The investigation intends first of all to check up the version of suicide, because Nugzar Sadzhaya occupied a high post, so his suicide, if it really was a suicide, could not be regarded as an ordinary event. Nugzar Sadzhaya was born December 25, 1941 in Dzhvari settlement of Tsalendzhikh region. He graduated from physical faculty of the State Teacher’s Training College. At Soviet time, he worked in Georgian structures of the Communist Party, in particular he was the chairmen of Administrative Bodies Department in Georgian Communist Party’s Central Committee. Since 1995, he has been working as the President’s aid on security questions and secretary of Georgian National Security Council. Many politicians in the country called Nugzar Sadzhaya “grey cardinal.” This nickname was deserved by him thanks to his custom to avoid publicity. Spite he himself was not very famous in the country, many workers of his staff have been occupying key positions in different institutions of the country. As a matter of fact, the Security Council leaded by Sadzhaya became a kind of base for advancing leading staff. Such situation irritated many people in Georgia, because Sadzhaya’s person mostly excited a negative reaction, though nobody wanted to speak aloud about this person. Apropos, state security minister Valery Khaburzania and internal affairs minister Koba Nargemashvili earlier worked for the Security Council, under Nugzar Sadzhaya’s leadership. Interesting, is not it? There will be many versions of Sadzhaya’s suicide or murder. For example, one of the hottest. Last week, Nugzar Sadzhaya and leader of the intelligence office Avtandil Ioseliani were accused of serious things: Georgian parliament’s deputy Boris Kakubava stated he possessed documents proving that Sadzhaya and Ioseliani had planned all the greatest political murders in Georgia. In particular, the deputy charged them with murder of ex-president Zviad Gamsakhurdia, politician Georgy Chanturia and of some others. Moreover, according to Kakubava, Sadzhaya and Ioseliani fabricated an unsuccessful terrorist act against the president. At that time, Nugzar Sadzhaya called these charges “moral terror.” Now, it is impossible to predict how this death will influence Russian-Georgian relations. Once, Nugzar Sadzhaya said that bettering relations with Russia belonged to essential interests of Georgia. This last statement is near to the truth, because the small state, which Georgia is, cannot afford it to itself to conflict with such a neighbour as Russia. Sadzhaya seems to have understood it.

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Translated by Vera Solovieva

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